Well, that one's out...

So the other day I mentioned this house that hubby and I had found online and were curious about since it was in in our estimated price range, in our neighborhood, and seemed to have a lot of what we want in a house.

Well, driving home today, I noticed as we approached the street it's on that there was a "open house" sign and as we passed the street, sure enough, cars were parked out front of the house. Since it was only a little after 3 and the open house went til 4 I suggested we go take a look. Hubby was in a hurry to get home and watch the game though so I hoped in my car and drove over. I also called my mom to let her know, since my dad's in town and he'd like to check out any house we're interested in it just in case he might catch something wrong with it that we might not know or think to look for and can give us their opinion on how much work we might need to do.

So I get over there and look around, taking photos on my Moto Droid as I go so I can show hubby when I get home, and to me it didn't look too bad - very dirty and needed a good thorough cleaning though as I spied multiple spiders and spiderwebs throughout and some of the cabinets in the kitchen would need to be fixed. The basement was full with framework up, but would need to be finished eventually before you would be able to do much with it. The upper deck I was a little hesitant to go up on, as I wasn't sure how sturdy or worn it was and didn't want to take a chance with. Overall though, I didn't think it was too bad but I get what the description meant by "needs 'some' TLC."

My parents stopped by it shortly after I had left - they said it was pretty much a gut job, as the hardwood floors throughout most of it needed to be sanded and shined, the bathrooms needed work as I guess my dad noticed some major problems in them, the linoleum in the kitchen needed to be redo and the floor of the 3 season room would need to be fixed too as it was uneven. They said if we wanted it, that's fine, but they wouldn't offer more than $55k for it due to the amount of work we'd have to put in, and they mentioned that odds are we wouldn't be able to have it ready to move in until after Jay was born and even then, having to fix up the rest as we go could be tough with a newborn.

So I guess, that one's pretty much out.

There's another my mom and I came across online last week too - the price was in the $50k's and it looked like people were still living there which means it can't be too bad, it has a 2 car garage, however it's not attached liked we were hoping to find... the rest of it seemed to have a lot to offer though, so we'll see - we got vacation next week and we plan on going back to the bank in the week after we get back, so hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this here and get things in motion before the holidays and winter hits!

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