My busy week

So I hope to keep up with stuff on here as much as I can this week, but I gotta say - this week looks like it may be a bit busy!

http://whi.s3.prod.lg1x8.simplecdn.net/images/4181013/2953980951_3cbd337313_z_large.jpg?1286091250First off, I get to see my in-laws today. I'm actually kinda excited about it as aside from a rare visit from one of my 3 younger brother in laws, I haven't seen the rest of my in-laws (mother in law, father in law or little sister in law) since at least July, if not June! They haven't seen my baby bump yet, it's been that long! They're stopping by today to give hubby a haircut, but I'm pretty sure, since he has the evening off work, that we'll probably go out for dinner with them before they head over to church where my father-in-law teaches a class every Monday night.

Also, hopefully today (or at least sometime this week) we'll have a new member of our family as hubby's older brother and his wife are expecting their 2nd second son, Lucas, to be born this week (whether he's ready or not, sister in law said they're inducing labor this week). This means hubby and I need to get our gift for him and send it out this week (as we wanted to wait til he was born). It'll probably be awhile til we get to meet him, as they live several hours away and we only see them a few times a year at most, but regardless, I'm sure they'll post photos on Facebook soon after, as we've all been keeping touch with them on there.

Tuesday I'm planning on hanging out with my friend and her kiddos for a bit after work...

And then this weekend my grandparents are coming in from Pennsylvania for a brief visit. They'll be getting here Friday and dad suggested me, mom and my sis all take then out to the Apple Orchard for the afternoon and then hubby will meet up with us when he's off work for dinner somewhere. (Dad doesn't get home from his business trip until later that night). Even though hubby works most of the day Saturday, I'm sure I'll be expected to hang out at my parents house with everyone Saturday and then Sunday we're doing a cookout in the afternoon (although hubby plans on taking over the TV at 3pm to watch the Cowboys game, lol). I want to do a cleaning job on our place before the weekend too, just in case my grandparents stop over here to check out our place and meet Tiger (I don't think they've been out this way since our wedding 2 years ago!).

Since my grandparents live out in Pennsylvania (as do a bunch of my relatives), I don't see them that often - maybe once a year or every other year. I'm a bit surprised they're coming out now though, as there was talk of them coming out next Spring instead. I'm hoping they make it back out here next May/June for my sister's graduation, that way they can get to meet Jay too - he'll be their 3rd great-grandkid, and so far the only great-grandson.

So here's to hoping I make it through a busy week! I hope I'm not too tired!

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  1. I've never actually walked through an apple orchard, and this makes me sad. I need to add that to my bucket list...


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