First purchases for Jay

Last weekend hubby and I went and did our baby registries at Target and Walmart since hubby wanted to wait until we knew what we were having before we registered for stuff so that not everything would be gender neutral (although some of the bigger items are, since we plan on having at least one more kid if not 2).

We didn't buy anything yet though, but I did show Grandma (my mom) our registries and she's trying to refrain from going out and purchasing most of it, as she knows other people will need/want to buy us stuff for the shower in January, but she has bought a few things the past few days, including some cute little clothes she got on sale during Bergner's Goodwill Days sale.

Hubby and I stopped out at the mall last night, as he was having one of the guys at their kiosk there do something with his phone. I went to stop in the nearby stores on that end where 2 of my friends were working to say hi but the one was pretty busy at the register so I left after looking around for a few minutes, and the other one, well, I found out I had just missed her and she left right before I got there, so I went back to stand with hubby at the kiosk (they were taking FOREVER it seemed and I was hungry and wanted to go get dinner). Right across from the kiosk is The Children's Place - I remember my aunt going there frequently when my cousin was little, but I myself had never really gone in there, so since I was bored, I told hubby I was going in to look.

OMG, that was a mistake!

I quickly found the baby/infant section of the store and there was soooooo much cute little clothes and all the prices were surprisingly not bad at all! I had to leave within a few minutes or I knew I was going to end up spending money.

I went back out to the kiosk and told hubby about some of the cute stuff I saw and wanted to get, which included this really cute little hoodie for $10.50 and this cute matching grey plush monkey rattle for $5. He knew I wanted to spend money and told me to go ahead and get 2 of the hoodies - 1 in a 3-6 month size and another in a 12 month size - as well as the monkey.

While I went back in to get those, I noticed that some of the little stripped polos I had been eying was on the $5 table in the back (I had seen one on a different table the first time I was in) and decided to see how much it actually was - $5 or the $7.99 sticker price. To my surprise, it rang up at $3.99 so I got that too. I showed hubby, he kinda rolled his eyes at the fact I bought something more than what he he said we could, but I told him it was only $3.99, lol... ah, men - they don't understand our love for shopping sometimes! hehe

Anyway, here's links to the hoodie and polo we got Baby Jay (their site doesn't let me drag and pull the image, boooo). Like I said, the hoodie we got in 2 sizes so he can wear it hopefully this spring and in the cooler beginning of summer (or summer nights) and then a bigger one so he can hopefully still fit in it when fall comes. The polo is actually more of a greenish-blue color than what the picture is showing. We got this one in a 3-6 month so he can wear it this spring or even shortly after he's born with a long sleeved onesie underneath.

Now I couldn't find an image of the plus monkey rattle we got online, but here's a link to a bib that has the same monkey on it. It's not a very big plush, but just the right size for newborn. It's grey, it's cute and soft and when you shake the monkey he rattles - too cute!!

Baby shopping is going to be sooooo much fun!

Walmart has a shelf of Garanamials tees that are on clearance right now for $2 - I'm trying so hard not to give in and buy a few of them, but I don't see that lasting too much longer! lol...

For 4th of July next year (2011) we're probably going out to my inlaw's for the holiday, who live pretty much in the country with a small town. Last time we went, the majority of the day was spent at the main park in town where we ate lunch, walked around and viewed all the local area arts and crafts vendors who had tents and then sat around listening to various local (mostly folk) bands play til it was time to get seated for the fireworks. Since we're mostly outside, I plan on getting Jay a cute little baby cap hat and a little pair of sunglasses and one of those Off Bug Spray clip-ons to attach to the stroller so the bugs will stay away from that radius. I can't wait to go shopping though! Maybe we'll get him one of the Old Navy 4th of July flag shirts, since they always have those for just a few bucks each year!


  1. Soooo cute! Nels was at Farm & Fleet last night and I was bored so I started looking at the baby stuff - everything is so adorable! I want to buy baby stuff so invite me to your shower ; ) haha!

  2. lol sure thing! The more the merrier =)


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