The Cataclysm is almost here!

Not sure how many of you gamers watch Sunday afternoon football on Fox, but if you don't then odds are you missed the live premiere of the first official trailer/commercial for Cataclysm which debuted during the Cowboys vs Giants game this past Sunday!

Hubby and I had fun sitting there, trying to identify all the zones in the commercial that get destroyed or at least affected - you can see the Rio de Janeiro goblin statue out front of Booty Bay, the Barrens, the zepplin area outside of Ogrimmar, Thousand Needles, Auberdine, the Loch in Loch Modan (which still makes me sad as I have fond memories of world PVP battles over the Loch!) and Stormwind (say bubbye to the park north of the Mage District where what little RP that's left on my server can be found!).

Below is the full, leaked cinematic intro to the expansion - the TV commercial is only 30 seconds long and cuts out most of the part with the dragon (call me stupid, but which dragon is this? Nef and Ony are dead and I can't remember which one this one is! lol...), focusing mostly on the destruction of the original zones.


  1. Cowboys, Vikings. Released, not leaked.

  2. doh - got vacation on the brain it seems, lol...

    I think the full cinematic intro (the one above) was actually leaked online, as it doesn't "officially" debut until BlizzCon this week.


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