We sure got lucky!

Just an update on our car...

Hubby got a call from the insurance adjuster yesturday - $7300 worth of damage to the car!

We thought it was just the grill, hood, headlights and radiator that needed fixed, but turns out the manifold was cracked as well as something else on the inside (I forget what) and the racing stripe on the hood was custom done so they don't have a template for that and have to do it some other way.

Turns out, it was $1200 away from them just totaling it!

Which would suck, as it seems they're estimating the car being worth just under $10k, and we still owe about $8-9k on the loan (we paid around $13k for it) so after paying off that loan we'd have about $1-2k to put towards a new car and since we don't want a beater, we'd have to take out another loan to get a "newer" car and well, that would just drag the credit down and there would go any chance of us getting a home loan anytime in the next 6 months. Plus, we like that car and haven't even had it for 2 years (it replaced hubby's car that got totaled when some moron ran a red light at an intersection, crashing into us and messing up the entire wheel alignment/system).

So we got lucky!

It's going to take about 2 weeks to get it fixed, so we most likely won't have to drive the 5hrs back down to St. Louis to pick it up til around the 15th. I just hope the roads don't suck too bad with ice and snow, since I'll likely be the one driving down there. We also only have to pay our $500 deductible and full up the tank on the rental when we return it, so considering the amount of damage, only paying $500 to have it fixed ain't bad at all!

We also learned that our car insurance (Progressive) gives us a medical payment option, so I called the hospital yesturday to have them add our car insurance info to our billing info, that way, since me going to get checked out was related to the accident, hopefully Progressive will cover the majority of any charges there (ie: labwork) and then our regular health insurance will pick up the rest so we won't have to pay too much for that.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of damage caused by a deer. You're lucky that the insurance can cover most of the cost, and that neither of you got hurt.

    All this talk of car insurance reminds me that I need to renew mine. I should get on that :)


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