Classic Must-Do Quests

 Since Cataclysm is right around the corner, here are several quest items I highly recommend you get in Azeroth before everything we once knew changes entirely.

First up, is this bad boy - The Argent Avenger


Yes, that's right - the original in-game Light Saber sword!

Achieving this item is quite simple - especially if you're already max level. While it's not much use as a weapon, it's still a pretty sweet novelty quest reward item to have!

This is a reward from a three part series:
1. The Archivist (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=5251) [who can be found in Live Strat]
2. The Truth Comes Crashing Down (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=5262) [which has you kill Balnazzar who is the end boss of Live Strat]*
3. Above and Beyond (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=5263) [which has you kill Baron Rivendale at the end of Dead Strat]

* Note: part one does not directly lead to part two, you must turn in part one for the head to drop off Balnazzar, thus beginning part two.

Another classic quest chain which I highly recommend doing if you have the time (or if you're leveling an alt and want a way to kill time, get XP and novelty quest reward items), starts with this quest which has you search for a small shipwreck in southern Un'Goro

While it is a bit of a long and tedious quest chain, the novelty quest items you get at the end are worth it!

What are they?

Linken's Boomerang and his Sword of Mastery!


Yep, that's right! A homage to Zelda!

I gotta admit, back in the day, when paladins had ZERO ranged abilities - not even Hammer of Wrath was  (I was already level 60 by the time that got added in, thank you very much) - this boomerang trinket came in quite handy!

I recall being in Warsong Gulch once, wailing on an Undead Mage when they sheeped me and took off running on foot. I still had them targeted, despite them being too far out of range for me to catch up or do anything physical to them, but I had my boomerang equipped and used it as soon as the sheep broke. Their health was already low and my boomerang finished them off! I got the HK and killing blow for that one! It was a sweet, yet humorous moment for me, as I couldn't believe I just killed him with my boomerang trinket! Silly mage probably didn't realize what hit him at the time until he checked his combat log - I can just imagine the shock to see that it was a boomerang that finished him off! lol...

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