30 Days of Me: Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy

I realize it's Wednesday and I normally post this meme on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, as my previous post mentions, it's a bit of a busy week this week (or so I thought it was going to be) and just didn't have time to type out a post for yesturday. I also don't have a Warcraft Wednesday post ready for today (haven't had a chance to log into the Cataclysm Beta yet and finish scoping the rest of "new Azeroth" for you guys yet), so this post will have to make due for today!

Another "whatever tickles your fancy" post...

Today I'd thought I'd share 2 recent rants of mine (if you follow me on Twitter though you probably already know about them).

First off, here is the ONE THING I HATE most about October: post-season baseball on TBS.

http://www.cablemediasales.com/images/prog/sml/tbs_21513.jpgAs I've mentioned time and time again, I tend to watch A LOT of TBS. I enjoy the blend of "older" sitcoms with some of the newer ones and often watch and see episodes that I either haven't seen in a long time or ones I missed when the show was originally on the air or even shows I've never watched prior to them being on TBS. I tend to keep TBS on during the afternoons just as there's not really much else to watch in the afternoons, and Monday nights hubby and I usually watch their Family Guy marathon followed on Tuesday nights with their The Office marathons. I also often watch TBS late at night, as they show episodes of My Name is Earl and Sex and the City and sometimes a decent movie.

But when it's time for post-season baseball, the entire TBS schedule gets messed up. Sometimes they try to keep the late night rotation in order, by pushing all the shows back 3 or 4 hours (which drove me nuts the first time I was trying to watch Sex and the City all the way through - at the time they aired 2 episodes back to back from 11pm-midnight my time, Monday-Thursday, however this time of year I had to wait til nearly 3 or 4 am to catch that night's episodes!).

So annoying...

WHY is baseball even on TBS? Their slogan is "very funny" and they air sitcoms and usually funny movies - baseball is not "very funny." Wouldn't it make more sense for ESPN or one of the other sports channels to be airing the post-season instead of the cable funny channel?

It's bad enough that starting at the end of August they have to start playing the promos with whatever "rock" song they're using as the theme song for that year. Last year it was Bon Jovi's "We Weren't Born to Follow" or whatever the actual name of the song is - by the time October *finally* rolled around I was soooo sick and tired of hearing that song. This year, the "theme song" is Kid Rock's latest single "Born Free" and it's bad enough I hear part of it on TBS several times a day for over a month straight, but now the local rock station out here has been playing it too - I'm soooo sick of that song that when I hear it I literally want to rip out my radio or throw my remote at the TV. lol...

/end rant #1

My other rant I pretty much posted on Twitter yesturday, but here's the back story:

I'm at work and get up to go use the restroom down the hall. Now our office is in a suite in an office complex building, so we're not the only business that has space there and the bathrooms are outside our suite, down the hall and around the corner. As I'm coming around the corner, I hear several older guys talking and joking around in the hallway and think nothing of it as they're probably just from one of the other businesses in the building.

I guess they noticed me coming down the hallway and was like "Oh honey, don't mind us at all!"

I just kept walking and entered the bathroom, although I was bit irked.

I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it, and it's probably just pregnancy hormones being crazy, but I hate it when older strangers call me things like "dear" or "honey" - it just comes off so condescending at times, like they're talking to me like I'm some little kid.

I get that you're older and that I'm younger than you, but I'm not *that* young, nor do I look *that* young - I'm getting close to 30! I'm an adult too, please talk to me and treat me like one!

I was dressed "professional casual" - wearing a nice pair of maternity jeans with one of my nice maternity tops and a pair of black of loafers; I had make-up on and my hair looked nice. I graduated from a 4 year university with a Bachelor's degree, I'm married, and I have a baby on the way as my baby bump is quite evident now. Also, considering we're in a business building and I seemed to know my way around, odds are I work there and have a job.

I'd much rather a stranger call me "Miss" or "Ma'am" as those don't seem quite as condescending as "dear" or "honey."

/end rant #2

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