30 Days of Me: Day 22 - A Website


Well this is pretty vague...

Here are typical sites I check throughout the day though.

Usually, before I even get out of bed I pick up my phone and check my email (Gmail) since I usually get spam/junkmail/coupons sent to me in the middle of the night. Quickly I delete all the ones I'm not interested in and then scroll through the ones that are worth reading. Since I hate trying to view email images on my phone (cuz they tend to be big) and I'm not one for replying to an email on my phone unless I have to, I usually make a mental note to check those on the computer later.

Then I check out Twitter via the Droid app - to be honest, I never really "got" Twitter until I had a smartphone and then it just sorta clicked for me, as I never really saw or got the point of it before then.

Sometimes I go into my Google Reader app and read through all your new blog posts quickly as I wake up, making a note to actually login on a computer and comment on some of them later.

Once I'm up, I get food and then sit down and eat while I tend to go back into my email and read/reply to those messages from earlier and then login to Facebook and check out my notifications, respond if needed, and scroll down my friendslist newsfeed, commenting and "liking" on things as I go. (I realize that was a super long sentence).

From there I either go into Google Reader and comment on posts from earlier. Or I go to the VH1 VIP site and see if there's any new comments in the discussions on there. Or I go into the TCOYF site (Taking Charge of Your Fertility) and see if there's any new interesting posts or discussions in the pregnancy forums.

And from there I get kinda bored with the interwebz. Sometimes I'll come over here and work on a blog post or work on a post for either of my other blogs (see the top of the right hand column).

Another site I love is Wikipedia. Yes, I know it's not always 100% accurate, but you can definitely learn a lot on there! I tend to look up movies, tv shows and celebs/actors/musicians the most. It's need to start with one person, show or movie and end up on something completely different 20 minutes later, as you start reading and then a mention of something else in the article catches your attention and draws you in so you click that and you keep going deeper off the bunny trail!

What sites do you visit on a regular basis?

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