Poll: Help me decide on a Jersey!

So I've mentioned before, we're taking a trip to Dallas at the end of the month.

My college roomie lives down there now, so we'll be visiting with her and her boyfriend for a bit, and since hubby's birthday is at the end of October we also got tickets to go to a Dallas Cowboy's home game at their huge new stadium! Not sure what else we'll be doing down there during our stay, but neither of us have been to Texas before so I'm sure we'll have fun!

http://nfl.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pG01-2780089dt.jpgAnyways, while down there, since it's Cowboys territory, we're planning on purchasing some Cowboys gear down there since Walmart tends to carry the local team's gear for much cheaper than you can get at the NFL Shop online and we can buy stuff at the stadium too rather than have to pay shipping on it. We're planning on a getting a few items for Jay (I found this cute bib, bottle and binky set they sell), as well as a onesie and a bigger jersey that he can grow into. Hubby also wants to get a jersey for himself and I would like one as well.

But what jersey should I get?

Ideally, I would love to get a #17 Sam Hurd jersey, as he's awesome when they put him and I went to college with him too, so I'd like to support my fellow NIU Alum... but they don't mass produce his jersey yet as he's not a known enough player so the only way to get one right now would be to custom/personalize a jersey online which can cost $60-100!

So that one's out...

I've been thinking of getting either a #9 Tony Romo jersey (he's the quarterback and is from Wisconsin, having graduated from Eastern Illinois University), a #19 Miles Austin jersey (he's an awesome wide-receiver who just kinda broke out last season... and he briefly dated Kim Kardashian this past summer), or a #24 Marion "The Barbarian" Barber jersey (he's a really good running back).

I can't decide! I'm leaning more towards Romo, but I like the other 2 as well!

What do you guys think?



What's your thoughts?