A scare

So I had a little bit of a scare this past week.

If you're a guy and/or don't like TMI-pregnancy related stuff, stop reading this post right now.

There - you've been warned.

Anyways, continuing, I've been wearing panty liners the last few weeks due to the increase in cervical mucus flowing out of me (which I read is normal during pregnancy). I noticed Monday morning when I first went to the bathroom that the liner was stained a little bit of a light brownish color, kinda like at the end of your period when you know you're basically done. I didn't think too much of it. Tuesday morning I wake up, and same thing - overnight it seemed the liner had gotten stained with this light brownish color. I put in a new one and go about my day, starting to wonder what's going on. Later that night, I'm vacuuming and doing some basic cleaning (ie: dusting, putting away, dishes, etc) and before bed I go to the bathroom and notice that the liner is again, stained a light brown color, only this time I was feeling a bit sweaty from all the vacuuming and moving around I had been doing - I felt like I had leaked a little and thought maybe that's what it was. Still, I wondered a bit and decided to call the doctor's office the next day (Wednesday).

I tell them about it, they ask if I've had any significant pain or cramping or anything and I tell them I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary (as with pregnancy a little pain and discomfort here and there is normal and I hadn't been experiencing anything I hadn't already prior to this). They said it sounded like I might have an infection and wanted me to come in the next day (Thursday) so they could do some tests and find out.

So I'm a little nervous now, as when I mentioned to my mom they said it might be an infection her response was "well that's not really good either..." and I started reading stuff I found on Google that wasn't making me feel any better. I mention to hubby I'm going to the doctor when he gets home from work - at first he had a bit of a worried, panic look on his face, but when I explained and told him they thought it might be an infection he was just like "oh okay" and didn't say much else. Talking with a friend though, she pointed out that if it was anything to seriously worry about, they wouldn't make me wait overnight to come in - they'd have me go to the hospital right away if it was major cause for concern and since the stain is a light brownish color and not red, odds are it's nothing too serious as light brown tends to be "old blood" that's just now coming out and bright red/pink is usually something to worry about.

So I go to the doctor Thursday morning, they have me pee in a cup and they do a vaginal exam and swab just to check. They said there was no blood in my urine and no signs of a UTI but they were going to send it off to be tested just in case. They also said my PH levels were fine too and showing no signs of anything abnormal. She noticed a little bit of white stuff down there, but didn't think it was anything to be too concerned about. She also said my cervix wasn't dilated, and that at our appointment the week before the placenta and my cervical length were both great. We checked and Jay's heartbeat (once she was able to find it and count it, as he was moving around like usual, not staying in one spot and not making it easy for them to count, lol) was just around 160bpm which is in the normal range (he's always been around 160-180bpm). She asked me if I had done anything different recently and I mentioned the prenatal workout I had started and done twice so far. She asked if we had sex over the weekend and I thought we might have (we do it so little lately due to my lack of a sex drive thanks to pregnancy that I have a hard time remembering how long it's been since we last did it), so she said it's possible that with that and the workout, something up in there might have gotten bumped and knocked loose some old blood and that's what I'm seeing on the liner.

She said to refrain from sex and my workout until we get the test results back (which is early this coming week), but that there really doesn't seem to be much cause for concern or worry at this point, just that I should keep an eye on it and if it changes color to a pink or reddish or the amount increases then to let them know.

I mentioned my appointment on Facebook and my mother in law asked what was going on and I told her the shortened version - she said she had something like that happen throughout some of her pregnancies too (a light brown stain on liners) but that there wasn't really much of a concern at all. So that makes me feel a little better.

Have any of you ladies had anything like this happen to you?

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