A Happy Birthday indeed

Yesturday was hubby's 27th birthday.

We didn't too much in the way of presents, as we considered the tickets to the Cowboys game we went to this past Monday to be his birthday present, as they cost quite a bit. He really seemed to enjoy it though, despite them losing - not only was it his first NFL game he ever went to, but it was his team in their home stadium, which he thought was just awesome as it's something he's wanted to see and do for years but never had the chance or opportunity and we made it happen this year!


http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs883.snc4/71682_828226959679_30800316_43606425_4886769_n.jpgI still wanted to do something special for him though so it wasn't like his actual birthday came and went unnoticed, so I snuck out the other day and bought cake mix and frosting/icing and while he was at work this afternoon I baked him a cake. It was yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting/icing and tasted pretty yummy.

Once hubby got home from work we relaxed for a bit and then eventually got cleaned up and ready to go out for a nice dinner at the steakhouse, since he decided he wanted steak for his birthday. Then we stopped at Walmart and he picked out ice cream to go with the cake I bake and we ate some of both while watching our Netflix movie which was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which neither of us have seen (it was alright, although pretty predictable).

I'd say it was a good day. It's funny though, as I noticed when it was my birthday a few months ago and hubby noticed last night - the older we get the less we are concerned with our birthdays or even realize right away that it is our birthday!

Yesturday was also my parent's 34th anniversary too! That's a loooong time! Seems they went out for a prime rib dinner and a movie to celebrate.

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