Leaving... on a jet plane!

Okay, not really since we're driving, but...

I just wanted to give you, my readers and Blogland friends, a heads up that I will be MIA for a bit starting tomorrow afternoon as hubby and I are going on vacation!


Don't worry though - I have a few posts scheduled to go up while I'm gone, so it will sorta seem like I'm here while I'm not. But I just wanted to let you know, as I most likely won't be responding to comments and such while I'm away.

We aren't bringing a laptop or anything like that with us, but we do have our Moto Droids, so I will probably be posting on Twitter (and Facebook for those of you friends and family who know me in real life), so if you'd like to hear about some of our vacation adventures as they happen, be sure to follow me on Twitter (which you can easily do by clicking the button sitting on top of the right-hand column).

I'll be back before you know it though and I'm sure I'll have plenty to share!

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