Photo Fun Mondays 4.30.12

It's that time again...

Here's what's one my phone this week:

 Little Man snuggling with his Mario and Luigi plushies

He found his old, scratched up pair of sunglasses and we stuck em on his head and he was walking around the house, looking all Mr. Cool Dude, lol...

We went to the Discovery Center (our city's children's museum) and Jay had some fun up in the Tot Spot.

Playing with the train table with Thomas trains - he spotted this 1st and didn't want to leave!


Then we discovered the water table area, so I put a smock on him and let him go to town!

Ball Maze area

Then we met up downstairs with my friend and her 2 kids and they played around for a bit before Jay got fussy and it was time for us to go.

 This one cracks me up because the 2 boys are going about their business while she gets upset, as her bro pushed her away when she was "helping" wrong, lol... still funny though!

Hubby got Famous Daves last week and has been working on the leftovers during the evening. Tiger smelled it and came running, getting right in his face at one point, lol...

 Tiger was playing hide and seek with Jay via the pillow - she'd hide her face behind it, then pop up from out behind it and he'd crack up every time, lol...

I found Battle Royale at Barnes and Noble and decided to put it on the Hunger Games table for funniness, cuz ya know, they're essentially the same plot/idea, only one came out like 10 years before the other.

We went out for dinner but it was getting kinda late and Jay just wanted to sleep. While finishing my dessert, hubby fell asleep holding Jay, lol...

Jay is always trying to figure out how to get Rock n Roll Elmo to rock out and use his drums as he doesn't quite get that you have to put Elmo's right foot on top of the drum pedal and then press a button on his left foot (yeah, it's a bit complicated for a little kid). Once we got Elmo started though Jay kept him going by making him sing along with the Cookie Monster keyboard.

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