Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 04.16.12

Photos from this week!

 We did our taxes which means I can shred all the old, paid bills and stuff from last year that we no longer need to keep records of. 

That pile of papers, shredded = 2 full trash bags!

 Little Man, being all cute with an awesome shirt on!

 Using his drawing table as a lounge chair, lol...

We jumped on the bandwagon and bought a Keurig (the mini plus). Hubby doesn't use the regular coffeemaker we have as he doesn't want to waste an entire pot when he only needs enough to fill his travel mug in the morning. This solves that problem as he can usually fill his cup with one K-cup. And I like some of the other brews like the hot cocoa and hot apple cider... it's a pretty neat little machine! Word of advice, unless you get super lucky like a friend of mine and find one that works at Goodwill for $5, wait til you have a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond and get it then - even on the mini plus version, you'll save at least $20 on it than you would buying it anywhere else right now as everyone seems to have them all for the same prices.

 The initial flavors we got to start with and most of the ones in our variety pack that came with the Keurig.

 I snuggled up and read my book (finally finished it this week!) while drinking some hot cocoa from the Keurig!

 I opened up hubby's beer to put it away in the fridge and noticed 1 of the bottles was missing a cap... 

 ...upon further inspection I noticed it looks like a couple swigs were taken from that bottle! Guess we know why the handle was somewhat ripped on the box!

 I followed the recipe on Mr. Coffee's Frappe Maker website for the Classic Mocha Frappe but used my Magic Bullet instead...

 Yum! It turned out pretty well!

 Jay-man's first taste of California Rolls!

 He liked it, it seemed, but the rice was sticking all over him so we ended up making him something more child-friendly.

 Jay's 1st time finger painting!

The final masterpiece!
I told hubby and I am totally going to be *that* mom and frame this one! =)


  1. I think I am also about to jump on the Keurig bandwagon as well...I loved looking at all your pictures.

    1. Thanks!

      And we LOVE the Keurig - just this past week alone have we used it more than we used our coffeemaker we got as a wedding gift nearly 4 years ago!

  2. You'll love your Keurig! I ask myself all the time why I didn't get one sooner.


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