Sprite Stitch Roundup!

It's been a few months since I last posted about some neat things I saw on the Sprite Stitch blog and since my GReader is overflowing with all the neat stuff they've posted lately, I thought it was time for another round-up post!

First up, this Atari Joystick Lamp:

Top 5 Video Game Cakes!
I LOVE the Mario one and the Portal one is pretty cool too!

Top 5 Video Game Shoes!
I *really* like the Super Mario Bros heels from the boss worlds!

I want this car decal:

I might just have to make this felt Jedi Star Wars book for Jay.

These Pokemon coffee cup drawings are just too cute:

This is cute too:

I also want this old school Gameboy mug:
Epic cup 
This lamp is actually a pretty cool way to recycle old action figures:

 Lego Mortal Kombat! Poor Johnny Cage though!

Top 5 Video Game Stained Glass Projects
These are all really cool but I especially like the Tetris one!

Noah's Ark Pokemon - this is just funny!

This Pac-Man doormat is pretty cool!

A super detailed mini Playstation console with game:

An NES Advantage clock:

An NES Guitar:

Fallout Themed Monopoly:

I want this Mario Pipe Stool!

This purse made out of a DDR pad is actually pretty neat too!

This Space Invaders Argyle Sweater is pretty cool too!

These light switches are really cool, I might even try making them!

I LOVE this Triforce lamp too:

These Sonic shoes are pretty cool:

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