"Hurt" - NIN or Cash, who did it better?

Last night hubby and I were watching TV and a commercial for some new console game (Prototype 2...?) came on TV and the song used in the background was Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt." I'm more partial to NiN's original version, hubby likes Cash's better. Hubby took it to Facebook, which the majority (so far) is in favor of Cash's cover.

I'll admit, both version are good and very moving, however I see NiN's version as more being about the present pain Trent Reznor was in when he wrote it back in 1994, whereas Cash's is clearly a reflection on the life he lived. Cash's seems more hopeful, whereas as the minor chords in NiNs are more creepy and makes the song feel dark and sad. I think having seen/heard Trent Reznor perform it live as the last song NiN ever played in Chicago also sways my vote a tad too - I was there, I felt the emotion that he put into it and what a personal song it is to him.

What do you think? Which version do you prefer?

(forgive the NIN video - the only "official" videos they have of the original are live versions - this was the only clear audio quality one I could find, straight from The Downward Spiral album)

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