Phone Photo Fun Mondays 04.23.12

First off, lemme just say, Blogger has switched over to "new" Blogger and... it's definitely something to get used to! I liked the old look/feel and format better, but whatever... companies these days seem to not care about what the user wants and would rather just do what they think is best *coughfacebookcough*

Anyways, here's this past week in photos!

This week, Jay played with his Thomas trains:

And he passed on the floor...

Played with daddy's work badges for UPS while daddy was at his day job:
(he's been missing his daddy a lot when he leaves for work these days)

Passed out on the floor again...

I learned that this was now open to the public:
That's Pottermore - the Harry Potter online game. The closed Beta started last summer/fall and unlike some of you, there was no way I was getting my butt up at 7am to try and score an invite - considering I don't usually go to bed til 3/4am most nights and I have a little one who can wake up whenever... yeah I wasn't passing up my sleep for that, lol... I played through the 1st book in 2 sittings though and sadly, none of the others are "unlocked" (aka finished) so that kinda sucks. I was having a lot of fun working my way through it too! I got sorted into Hufflepuff (go go Honeybadger!) as you can see and my wand is made of Dragon and Elm! It's a pretty neat game though - like I said, you play through each book, finding and unlocking content as you go. There's mini-game type features where you can make potions and cast spells and you can also duel other players to win points for your house. The content you unlock is pretty neat too as JK Rowling added in exclusive game content that gives more detail and backstory about places and characters - the Prof. McGonagall backstory was really cool to read!

I also learned that this had a free trial this weekend!
 That's Star Wars: The Old Republic - the Star Wars MMO game. Hubby and I have been wanting to check it out since before it was released, however since it's pay-to-play like WoW and we don't even have the time/energy/drive to play that one enough to make the monthly fee worth while it just wasn't worth spending the money on it, despite having several friends that play it. So of course when someone retweeted a post on Twitter saying it was free trial weekend, I jumped on that baby! Took a few hours to download and install so I didn't really get to play until Saturday. I made a cyborg Imperial Agent (part of the Sith Alliance) on a server that my college roommate plays on, just in case I end up playing long-term later. Having only really WoW to compare the game to (I only played Guild Wars for a few hours before getting bored and switching back to WoW and I didn't get very in City of Villians), as far as MMOs go... um, it's nearly identical only taking place in the Star Wars universe instead of Azeroth. The interface is very similar, only it's like they included all the minor details that everyone was always using add-ons on for (that Blizzard later included in various patches). At first I was a bit concerned that I didn't know the controls as I downloaded it and didn't have a manual... however I quickly learned that all the keybinds were EXACTLY the same as the ones in WoW! LOL... so despite being very similar to WoW, it was a nice change of pace and setting!

I decided to be silly and use this bag for my sis's birthday presents:
(her birthday was Wednesday but we just celebrated it with family last night)
 We got her a $20 Amazon/Kindle gift card (which I had to get online as apparently they don't sell Amazon gift cards in Illinois anymore - wtf??) since she got a Kindle for Christmas and is actually reading stuff on it (unless it was reading for school she wouldn't read more than a chapter or 2 of a book on her own) as well as 2 scent wax thingys for her various warmers.

My parents found an old plastic kiddie chair in storage that they brought out for Jay:
 He promptly turned to sit sideways in it as soon as we sat him in... something that had me on edge the whole time. He keeps doing this in his high chair as he eats and I keep telling him to sit forward, not sideways, but yeah... Jay's gonna do what Jay's gonna do, lol...

Tiger stole hubby's seat at the kitchen table when he got up after eating, lol...

And something on TV caught Jay's attention:
And yes, my 14 month knows how to work the TV remote. He knows the difference between the "real" remote and the one with no batteries we bought him for his birthday. He knows how to flip the channels, turn it on and off and mute it (something he has a habit of doing often!). He even turned the volume up super loud one morning when he woke super early and I brought him in our room to snuggle and watch TV with mommy while daddy slept some more... lol... so much for that, with the TV super loud!

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