What I Bought at Work This Week 04.29.12

This week... I didn't buy much.

I seriously think I've bought everything in the store that Jay could possibly wear for summer that is just too cute. I keep saying I'm done buying him summer clothes, but then we get something else super cute in and of course I just have to get it for him (see last week's items), but this time, I really think I'm done. Until we get our fall line in a month or so.

What I did buy was this bib:

Friday night we were out at the mall before going out to dinner and we no sooner left the house and I realized I forgot to bring a bib for Jay. And we were having pasta for dinner. Which can get messy with a toddler. I remembered we had some bibs that recently got put in a clearance bin so since we were already out at the mall I stopped in and grabbed one of the more boyish bibs we had left.

It ended up being $3 after the clearance discount, plus my discount. I paid just under $2.50 after tax. Score! Right now there's lots of cute bibs for your little one that are 50% off the lowest price (some are already marked down too, so it's 50% off that!). I figure, you can never have too many bibs!

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