What I Bought at Work This Week 04.08.12

This week I only bought Jay 1 thing, as he's more than set on clothes for summer and we don't get our Fall line in for another month or so (I think it's the end of May if I recall correctly from last year - our last half of our summer collection hits stores this week).

I got him this cute lightweight, buttoned down shirt that I pulled from the clearance rack:

It's pretty colors and since we're finally having spring weather now (a bit of a difference from the 80 degree summer weather we were having a few weeks ago!) he can still wear it to church or for some nice occasion.

It was marked down to $9.99 with an additional 50% off, making it come up $4.99... plus my discount, so I got this shirt for under $4 - It was originally marked $17.95!

Also, heads up, baby boy premium denim jeans are currently just $12! Normally they're like $24.95, sometimes on sale for $20, so for $12 it's a steal as that's the usual sale price for the basic baby boy denim jeans!

I also picked up a few summer-y things for hubby's cousin's soon-to-arrive baby girl, as I had picked up some warmer stuff in bigger sizes from our winter clearance, but some stuff she can wear shortly after being born would be nice too! I'm not sure how often his cousin's wife visits the blog though, so obviously I can't show it off yet... but perhaps later! There are some great bargains in our newborn section this week though - all the spring dressy is an additional 50% and some of the onesies are coming up $3.49! (normally on sale for $6!)

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