What I Bought at Work This Week 04.22.12

Just when I say I am all done with buying Jay clothes for summer, something new that's super cute arrives in our shipment and I *have* to buy it for him!

This week I bought him these:

We got yet another Sesame Street licensed tee in at work, this time one with multiple characters (The only one on this shirt Jay doesn't seem too interested in is Big Bird - go figure, he was my favorite when I was a kid watching the show, lol...). And we also got some super cute onesie shorts outfits in the "newborn" department (which goes up to 24months now). I thought this one was cute and would again be great for hot summer days when he needs to wear something when out but something light and simple =)

These are newer items - the tee wasn't on sale, however the onesie was $10 instead of the original $12.95. With my discount and tax the total ended up being $17 even - one of my more "expensive" purchases considering I only got 2 items, but they were too cute!

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