Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 04.09.12

This past week, like many of you, I learned Instagr.am became available for Android and I signed up and started using it. It's pretty fun, so yeah, some of these photos have been Instagram-ed! (feel free to follow me on there - I'm RAYJ829, just like my Twitter handle!).

Also, I *just* posted before this about Easter, so I'll spare you and won't repeat those photos ;-)

Chewing on his Thomas tin
Pretty, sleepy kitty
Jay's Easter gifts we bought with money from his Great-Grandparents
"Coloring" with his new drawing table - makes it a little easier for him
Coloring some more
Being silly
Daddy reading his Thomas 3-story collection board book to him. Jay made him read that book like 3 times in a row, all 3 stories each time, lol...
Playing around with Instagram
I made Chicken Tetrazini for dinner this week.
It's good, but takes awhile to prep so I don't make it that often.
Mommy and Little Man
I finally got over to Michael's and found some shells to go on that shelf in our bathroom.
Our upstairs bathroom is ocean-themed with dolphins, duckies, and other ocean/beach stuff.
Hubby bought our Rock Monkey Ruckus tickets this week.
It's basically Wing Ding, but with a different name as the local rock station ended Wing Ding a few years back, but this is the 2nd year since that they've done a big outdoor concert the week after Wing Ding was normally held, at one of the former Wing Ding venues. This year Volbeat is headlining with a few other up-and-coming bands while more are TBA (aka they're still booking bands). This past week tickets were 2 for $20, which is a great deal as I would definitely pay at least $20 to see Volbeat live - personally, I think they're the best "new" band of 2011.

Jay matched the blue boat pieces and put them in the right spots on his magnetic Leapfrog Car Wash magnet thingy! And then, after that, he went and put a puzzle piece in the correct spot on one of his puzzles! Uh... should 14-month-olds be matching things already or is he ahead of the game on this one?
Looking all proud of himself!
I bought a bag of Starburst jellybeans for hubby and I (since they're too small for Jay) and put them in one of my Waterford Crystal candy dishes we received for our wedding.


  1. YAY for Instagram for Android!!! I love seeing so many of my friends on there now! :)

    1. It's a pretty neat app! I didn't quite see the point at first, but the more I use it, the more I seem to enjoy it =)

  2. Starburst jelly beans are the bomb dot com. Also, my nephew loved Thomas at that age so this post made me so happy!

    1. They are! My mom started buying them back when I was in high school and I've had them every Easter since - they taste sooooo good!

      Seems most little boys have a thing for Thomas - my nephew was (and still is) a HUGE Thomas fan. My boss at work said her son was huge on Thomas a kid too - she said she'd love to give me some of his stuff, but I guess her teenage son is still attached to it, lol... I remember watching Shining Time Station as a kid, with Frenchy from Grease and Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor - I miss that one as I liked the station drama better than the Thomas and Friends stories, lol... oh well!


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