Something in the water?

Is there something in the water or something I should know about that I can avoid?

There seems to be a trend of baby #2 being on the way this year in Blog/Twitterland as well as people hubby and I know personally that we keep in touch with via Facebook!

Congrats to all you guys, but whoa! Seems like we were all having #1 and now you guys are all onto #2 already!

Please, tell me - is there something in the water because I *really* am not up for baby #2 anytime too soon!

While I would like to have 2 by the time I'm 30 (or around 30), we've decided to wait til closer to Jay's 2nd birthday to consider trying for #2.

Personally, I don't want 2 in diapers and I'd like for Jay to be big enough to be of some help or self-sufficient enough that I'm not struggling trying to juggle him and a newborn/infant. And the main factor in our decision to wait on #2 is Jay's kidney/ureter - while it appears currently that the blockage opened up, we are going to continue monitoring it between now and his 2nd birthday which then we'll redo the initial testing to either confirm or deny if the blockage is still there. If it's still there, we'll go ahead with the originally planned surgery. If not, he's in the clear, no surgery required, all is good. Either way, I'd rather wait til all his kidney/ureter stuff is done and over with - especially if we do have to have the surgery. In that case especially, I'd like to be able to make sure my focus and attention is 100% on him, making him feel comfortable and at ease during what will most likely be a scary time for him - I don't want to have to worry about feeling guilty about taking care of a younger sibling instead of focusing solely on being there for Jay.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to have your kids close in age? Spread out a little bit? A lot?

There's 8.5 years between me and my sis - personally I think that's too much, but do prefer to have a few years between them.

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