Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 04.02.12

It's time for another edition of...
Before I start though, is it just me or does it seem like everyone and their mother has a birthday on April 2 if not in April itself???

 I spied Tiger *actually letting* Jay sit and pet her! Seriously, unless she wants you to pet her, you don't get to pet her. And with Jay... she usually stays just out of his reach, kind of taunting him, so I was shocked to see her not get up and run off the second he got close enough to pet her and then continue to lay there and let him pet her for a good minute or so! Too cute!!

We finally got Jay's swing set finished and put together and since it was in the 60s and sunny I decided to show it off to him. He LOVED it! He swung for a good 30 minutes or so! Kid could seriously swing all afternoon if I would let him! Definitely think spending his remaining Christmas money and birthday money from my grandparents on the swing set instead of the wagon was a much better investment for this year!


 Jay's play area set up in the flattest section of our backyard.

Like everyone and their brother, we too played the Mega Millions lotto last Friday. 
Here was my fortune cookie fortune from dinner earlier that night:
 Playing Jay's birthday got a few numbers 3 times, but not lucky enough to actually win anything. Apparently a $250,000 winning ticket was purchased at one of the gas stations just a mile or so down the road from us though!

Tiger being Tiger in her usual spot

Daddy reading the Thomas and Friends 3-story book to Jay. Jay would have a complete meltdown every time he finished reading all 3 stories to him and put the book down... until he picked it up and started reading again. He read the whole book at least 2, if not 3 times. It was pretty funny though! Glad Jay likes the book!

I finally remembered to get all my old storybooks from my parent's house - got them all to fit too! Mine are mostly on the upper shelf, with a few of the board books on Jay's board book shelf which is lower. The only book I couldn't find is my Thing-A-Mah-Jig Book of Manners book. That one has to be somewhere though, I hope, as that one was creepy but one of my favorites! So glad to have many of these though and not have to repurchase them! Can't wait for Jay to be cooperative enough that I can read him actual books without him ripping up the pages!

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