Announcing... The Challenge!

I've been wanting to try a challenge like this for awhile in our house but had yet to really take that plunge or even remember to bring it up to hubby.

After out Twitter convo this morning, I decided to bring it up.

The Challenge:
When Jay is awake, no handheld electronics (ie: phones, tablets, laptops, etc) unless we're responding to an important call or text, using the phone as a camera to take pictures/video, or briefly looking up information pertaining to whatever it is we're doing at the time.

The only exception is Sundays when we're all home and hubby needs to get some writing time in.

We're going to try it for 1 week, starting today, and see how it goes, possibly implementing it for good.

Basically, having the internet and various dumb distractions at our fingertips 24/7 is becoming a problem. I hate feeling like I have to nag hubby to get his butt off the couch and put down his phone/tablet/laptop to actually sit and play with Jay and I know I'm just as bad, Facebooking, Tweeting, and playing random time-wasting games instead of interacting and playing with Jay, letting him entertain himself instead. Even when we're watching TV together we're still on our devices a good bit of the time. It's actually kind of sad.

And it's not good.

I get hubby's working on his writing and trying to get his books finished/edited/published, but we shouldn't be doing that stuff on Jay's time, especially when he wants our attention and wants to play with us. Our parents didn't have that kind of 24/7 distraction that smart-products bring when we were kids and it's not fair to do that to him. He deserves mommy and daddy's attention - I'd hate for him to look back on his childhood and feel like mommy and daddy were too busy on their devices all the time to pay attention to him - not to mention it just sets a bad example for him too.

When it's nice out, it's easy to just go outside and play or go to a park or just get out in general. Yet half the time we choose to just sit around the house, using our electronic devices for entertainment, not even interacting with each other.

So here goes, starting today, let's see if we can do it!

I invite you guys (especially those of you with kids) to try this challenge as well!

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  1. I SO need to incorporate this challenge! I cannot imagine how difficult it would be! Good luck!


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