What I Bought at Work This Week 04.15.12

Didn't buy much this week, however when I learned some of our onesies were coming up $3.49 instead of $6... well, I helped myself to this one for Jay:

We don't really promote baseball in our house as I'm a Cubs fan and hubby is a Sux, er I mean Sox fan so we agreed that we won't influence Jay in that area of sports, however... it's spring, it's baseball season. And it was cute and cheap, so why not?

After my discount it was roughly $3.

I also picked up a few on-sale onesies for hubby's cousin's soon-to-arrive little girl as well, but like I mentioned last week, I'm not posting them here yet as I'm not sure if they visit the blog or not and want it to be a surprise =)

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