Easter 2012!

This year was Jay's 2nd Easter! Hard to believe that this time last year he was just a little 2 month old baby!

We didn't color eggs this year, as I think Jay's still a little too young to be able to do it and follow directions without getting the dye everywhere, but I did hard-boil some eggs as I *have* to have those at Easter every year and didn't feel like asking my mom to do it. I am pleased to share though that they turned out good this time around! I haven't attempted hard-boiled eggs since I was still living in my college apartment, shortly after hubby and I had started dating, and well... we don't think I cooked them long enough. I found a recipe online though and followed it to a T and they turned out just great!

Like Santa this past winter, we also skipped the Easter Bunny visit, as Jay's all about "stranger danger" and freaks out when anyone he doesn't know or recognize tries to hold him. I figured it wouldn't be a good situation nor a pretty picture, lol...

Sunday we got up early so Jay would have time to check out his Easter basket before we all had to get ready for church. He saw the Thomas Pillow Pet on the coffee table and stopped dead in his tracks, a bit confused as to what it was and what it was doing there. He walked over and patted it, before peeking into his basket and spied the Elmo car he had picked out at Toys R Us earlier in the week and pulled it out. Then he saw Peeps - in his Easter basket we included a chocolate "Snapsy" bunny, a few mini Cadbury Eggs, a few Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, and a row of Peeps because every kid needs Peeps in their basket! Anyways, he pulled those and began feeling them up. I broke a few off, as I didn't want him getting the marshmallow goodness all over the place, and he started double-fisting his mouth with them eating from one hand and then the other.

We went to church - I dropped Jay off in the nursery. Not sure what his deal is, if he just didn't remember being in that particular room before, but he cried and cried... and apparently he never really stopped according to what they told me when I came to get him after service =(

We joined my in-laws at Texas Roadhouse for Easter lunch, but left while the bill was being paid as Jay was overdue for a nap and getting fussy and cranky (he fell asleep in the car). Then hubby and I decided to take a nap too, waking up just in time to head over to my parents' house for Easter dinner.

We didn't realize until after the fact that we forgot to take an Easter picture this year... oops! I guess we'll just have to substitute with one of the photos we took at my sis's wedding 2 weeks ago.

Speaking of my sis getting married... my new brother-in-law left today for the Navy training facility a few hours away. He'll be gone with little communication towards family and friends for almost 2 months while he completes Basic. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

How was your Easter?

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