Another Jay update!

Jay turned 14 months last week. I kinda gave up doing the monthly milestone posts, as once he hits one, well, the months part doesn't seem so exciting.

That being said, Jay is constantly learning and growing!

We officially weaned him off the bottle and he doesn't seem to miss it - we're all about the sippy cup now! Granted, it's not much different from the bottle, but it's a step in the process of drinking.

As I mentioned in Monday's photo post, Jay's started matching things! We're a bit... jaw-dropping shocked to be honest - is that normal for 14 months? He's a smart little dude!

He still is hooked on 1 phrase though - "uh-huh!" However he doesn't say it to everything, he uses it correctly when agreeing or answering yes to a question. It's kinda funny but I wish he'd learn a new word or phrase already - I'm getting tired of always hearing "uh-huh!" lol... he does babble up a storm though!

He communicates with us too - if he wants to watch a particular DVD or show he'll hand/throw the DVD at you. Same with whatever book he wants you to read to him. He has certain cues that tip us off that he's sleepy and often times he'll "lead" us to his room, walk over to his CD player to indicate it's time for his sleepy music and then we put him in his crib and he goes right to sleep. He let's us know when his diapey is uncomfortable and will "lead" us to his room to change him. If he doesn't want to eat anymore he'll either turn his face away from it or take one hand and push it away. He gets excited when he sees applesauce ready to eat. Oh and he knows when we're pulling into the Red Mango parking lot - kid sure likes his froyo!

Jay's also trying to figure out his Rock and Roll Elmo, although he doesn't quite get how to make him work - he'll put the drums in front of him and manually bang on the drums with Elmo's hand but gets frustrated as he hasn't figured out he needs to press Elmo's foot. He broke the hinge on his cooking-eating Cookie Monster too so the mouth doesn't open and close automatically, but he manually feeds him the cookies - it's pretty cute!

We're working on coloring too - we bought him an activity desk with Easter money as we noticed, when coloring on the floor he had a hard time reaching the crayon to the paper. This desk seems to help with that! He also likes to roll the crayons across the paper, coloring that way - whatever works I guess!

He also walks from the car in the driveway up to Grammie's front door and vice versa while holding mommy or daddy's hand! Just this past weekend he conquered the porch step too! Oh and he LOVES pressing the garage door button when we're going inside and the door needs closed - he knows what it does and how to work it and gets excited when I let him do it.

He knows what things mean and seems to understand what you're saying to him - many times have I told him "let's go change your diapey!" or "time to get ready for bed/bathtime" and he'll get up and start walking towards his room! He's just getting sooo smart!

We have a hard time keeping him away from cords though - many times does he try to unplug the lamp in the family room and he often pulls out the power strip for the TV that we keep under one of the bookshelves and presses the big power button, turning it off and then frantically trying to turn it back on as we tell him for the millionth time to leave it alone and that it's pushed back under the bookshelf for a reason... oh and we had to unplug the laptops during the day as he kept pulling that plug out. We put the safety on during the day, however he pulls the plug thing out of the laptop bin and attempts to plug it back in with the safety plug on lol... as hubby told him the other night "we appreciate the intelligence, but you're not gonna get that plug back in."

He has at least 10 teeth - 5 on top, 5 on bottom, with a few more coming in on top along the sides.

Anyways, I guess that's a bit of a Jay update!

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