PSA: Don't Forget to Say Thanks!

Thank you.

It's a simple, 2 word phrase yet people often forget to say it.

http://blog.doostang.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/thank-you.jpgMaybe it's the way I was raised, but I was taught to send thank you notes to people, especially if they gave you a gift. Now I understand, people get busy and don't always get around to them, sometimes it gets to be so past overdue they just didn't see point after so long and I get that so I've come not to expect them despite still sending them out myself.

And of course if you're at a shower or party and you open the gift in front the person, I would hope you would say thank you on the spot. Sure, a follow-up thank you note is a nice gesture, but you did already thank the person in person so if you did forget or didn't get around to it in time, it's obviously not the end of the world.

What does irritate me is when you don't give the person the gift in person and you never hear anything from them - no note, no email, no phone call, nada. This has happened to me numerous times and I hate being left wondering if the person I intended the gift for actually got it. Say you attend a wedding and leave your gift on a gift table - if you don't get a note or anything from the couple how do you know they got your gift and it didn't get swiped? Or if you mail someone a gift - if you don't hear anything about it, you're left wondering if it got lost in the mail!

I understand, not everyone has the time to write out a thank you note (and even sometimes, depending on the person or the gift, coming up with something thoughtful to say can be tough!) not to mention the price of postage keeps going up every month it seems, but please remember to still say thank you some way, especially if you didn't receive the gift in person. It takes a matter of seconds to write on someone's Facebook wall or send them a text or an email letting them know you at least received their gift and thank them for it.

What are your thoughts? 
Do you still send thank you notes?

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  1. I always send thank you notes! I think it's important.


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