What I Bought at Work This Week 05.20.12

No, I didn't forget last week - I just honestly didn't purchase anything!

But that's not quite the case this week!

The Thomas shirt... we literally got these in this week and it's brand spankin' new... if you've been reading the past few months you know that Jay LOVES anything and everything with Thomas and Friends on it. This particular shirt has all 3 trains that he has in rolling, plush form that he regularly throws rolls across my coffee table. When I saw it on the processing rack I had to get it for him! Good thing too - I brought it home that night and showed him and his face lit up, he squealed and came running to grab it from me, hugging it and carrying it around the family room with him the remainder of the night, lol... I bought it in a 3T as he has enough shirts for summer right now, but figured he can wear this one at the end of summer and beginning of fall when it's still warm enough to wear t-shirts.

Jay already has 2 pairs of swim trunks that I bought during end of season clearance last year at Babies R Us, but I noticed the other day that none of them match his swim shoes - oops! This pair matches his flip flops and they're super cute.

I bought the swim shirt too so he can wear it when he's outside playing in his water table on hot summer days, so he doesn't soak his regular shirts - I don't want him going bare chested for fear of a sunburn, so this'll work quite nicely, he can get it soaked and I won't care, lol...

I also bought a graphic tee for my cousin as her birthday was today and they're at their lowest price of the year right now ($5 for big kids!). We actually have a bunch of great sales right now - $9.99 clearance for our spring dressy/Easter dresses, $2.99 t-shirts and baby girl cotton dresses, $4.99 shoes (including dressy shoes!), and $5 deals all throughout the store (like graphic tees and matchable shorts, tanks and tees!).

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