{Not So} Shameless Plugs!

If you aren't reading my posts via Google Reader or some other reader (or in mobile format for that matter), then I'm sure you've noticed 2 things by now.

<------ On the left hand column here there are 2 things:

1) At the top is my blog button with code, as all the "cool" kids in Blogland have these now


2) If you scroll down a bit there's a bunch of buttons with some {perhaps familiar?} faces on them. These are peeps I have "swapped" blog buttons with in a way to help promote each others blogs!

I LOVE the idea of "sponsoring" other blogs as it helps get the word out about various awesome bloggers. And well, frankly I love the idea of button swapping because it's free and I'm cheap. Some bloggers charge for adspace, which is great and dandy and all, but not everyone can afford to pay on a monthly basis and some of us don't use Paypal anymore either so that kinda nixes that.

If you'd like to swap blog buttons with me, feel free to grab mine, add it to your page (tweak the size if need be - I don't mind!), and lemme know so I can grab yours and put it here on my blog!

Anyways, I figured I should probably share a bit about these awesome bloggers, even though some I have mentioned previously around the blog here!

First there's Nikki Darlin' from Southern Mama, Bad Mouth. I don't remember how I came across Nikki but after following her blog for some time and eventually her Twitter, I've learned that her and I share a lot of common interests, which is awesome! Nikki is down in the great state of Georgia and has a super cute little girl - we've sorta bonded over the fact that our kids both have unique names. She also has an Etsy shop - Southern Survival Charms - which specializes in military-style bracelets with fun charms! Be sure to check her and her shop out!

J, from An Unstyled Life, is a mommy and a blogger (ie: not JUST a mommy blogger, as she blogs about other aspects of her life as well) from Texas that I believe I came across during a huge blog link-up last summer. She is also a mommy to a toddler not too much older than Jay I believe so we've bonded some over mommy-stuffs on the Twitter. She's an awesome person so be sure to check her out!

My Vickilicious Life
Vicki, from My Vickilicious Life, is one of those bloggers I kept hearing being mentioned around Blogland and amongst fellow bloggers on Twitter. Eventually I checked out her blog, started following her on Twitter and have really enjoyed getting to know her! She also is a co-host of the weekly Friday blog link-up "The Nail Files." She's a fun gal, so be sure to give her blog a visit and link-up on Fridays!

I came across Celia, from unSimply Celia, due to various Scentsy giveaways of hers that were being held on various blogs I read regularly. Realizing that hey, she has a blog, I decided to check her out and eventually got to know her a bit on Twitter! She really is a sweet girl from Texas and is engaged to her love of 7 years! She is currently in the process of closing down her Scentsy biz, but if you're interested in the products (which are great by the way!) she can definitely make some recommendations for you and point you to a good consultant to order from! She also often co-hosts various blog swaps (like for nail polish and Valentine's Day goodies!) so you definitely don't want to miss her blog!

Gigi, from Sweet & Sassy Texan, is a fairly new blogger in Blogland, and as she puts it, she is "sweet tea drinker, sassy talkin Texas Lady! A housewife of 3 boys - 2 teens and one husband whom refuses to grow up." I definitely know that feeling on the last part (just kidding, hubby! Well... kinda, lol...). I actually just came across her recently, as she found me on Twitter and started following me. I get notifications sent to my email whenever I "gain" a new Twitter follower and reading her profile description, she didn't seem to be one of those obnoxious "spam-bots" (if you're familiar with Twitter, you know what I mean!) so I checked out her page and blog and really liked what I saw! Help a new blogger out and give her a blog a view - hopefully you'll enjoy it like I did!

A Complete Waste of Makeup
And last, but not least - the wonderful Ms. Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup! I actually just recently added her button as an extra entry into her 1500 follower "15 Favorite Things" giveaway, but I gotta be honest, I love her blog's name as it's too true - some days really are a complete waste of makeup! Like Vicki, she was another blogger who's name/blog kept popping up around Blogland and amongst various bloggers I follow on Twitter. Neely is from Dallas (one of my favorite places thanks to football!) and hosts the weekly Thursday link-up known as "It's OK Thursday." Her blog is full of fun and snark and wit and I love it! Be sure to visit - you'll find some posts that'll really make you smile!


What's your thoughts?