What I Bought at Work This Week 05.06.12

Yeah... I did it again, I bought quite a bit. But in my defense, it was kinda needed...

We had a sock sale this week - 2 for $1 on the basic solid color socks, however by the time I got back there Saturday only some of the "off" colored socks were 50¢ and well, Jay hates wearing socks it seems (he prefers to be barefoot around the house like mommy!) and promptly pulls them off and tosses them the second his shoes are off, so I figured for that price, it wouldn't hurt to pick some more up.

It's been pretty hot out this past week too and he's been wearing his cloth matchables a lot lately so I picked him up 2 more of the matchable tanks since they're currently on sale for $5.

And the cotton 2 piece PJs... he has like 4 already that he can wear this summer, but I figured he's going to need more this summer as his footie PJs will be too hot, so I got him 2 in a size 2 XXS to wear this summer when it's really hot at night.

And then the jeans... premium denim is on clearance - CLEARANCE! - right now for $9.99! It was $12 last week. Normally they're $24.95 and rarely go this low, let alone hardly ever under $20. Not to mention, right now, that's cheaper than our basic denim jeans! I grabbed a 18-24month pair for late fall and winter as he'll be in them around them and he already has 2 pairs of 18 month ones I grabbed him last time they were on clearance last winter. So he has 1 pair of jeans already for winter - think I'll buy him a pair of basic carpenter jeans when they hit $10 again in a few months and he'll be good on jeans for the rest of the year.

And then the t-shirt... graphic tees are $5 right now (the lowest I've ever seen them on sale for) and this was a new one. He's set on shirts, aside from this year's 4th of July one I plan on getting him from Old Navy, but this one was too cute - he likes hot dogs and yeah... $5 plus my discount, I *had* to get it!

All in all, I got 10 items for $37 after tax and my discount. Not a bad deal, I'd say!

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