Straws, sippys, spurts and more

Jay can drink from a regular ol' plastic straw now. We've been working on that one on and off for almost 2 months now and out of nowhere he got it - mom said he drank half her lemonade she got at McDonalds the other day through a straw and then today I put a plastic straw into a few of his cups and he drank from it.

Good thing too - he's been refusing his sippy cups as of lately and for some reason he doesn't seem to get the soft straws... put the plain ol' regular plastic ones he's good with.

Only problem is that he still likes to toss and throw his cups around like they have a sippy lip, which doesn't work well with straw cups.

He also wants to drink from a "real" cup and can do it if you help him, but the problem is, he doesn't want the help. He wants to do it himself. And makes a huge mess as half the contents from the cup end up on the floor or down the front of him. ><

We think he's on the verge of a growth spurt too. Yesterday I made a dozen Jiffy blueberry muffins to go with our breakfast. Jay at his usual bowl of oatmeal, a cup of yogurt, and then polished off 3 muffins all by himself! Mom said yesterday for lunch he polished off an entire thing of Easy Mac by himself and on Sunday he was eating everything in sight too! Tonight for dinner he ate an entire single serving chicken pot pie, a handful of Goldfish crackers and a decent amount of applesauce. Then, he led me to the pantry, I opened it and picked him up and he reached for the Teddy Grahams. So I let him have some. And he ate several my-size handfuls of them! Seriously, where is he putting it all???

Hubby says to get used to it - as he's a growing boy and in his family, they eat. A LOT. I told Jay, daddy better sell a lot of his books to cover the cost of Jay's crazy eating habits, lol...

We watched Crazy, Stupid, Love the other night. When we rented Horrible Bosses a few weeks ago, there was a preview for it on the DVD and hubby and I were both laughing at it so I eventually talked him into watch it, despite it being more of a rom-com. He seemed to enjoy it and we were both laughing throughout it. The teenage babysitter was a bit... creepy though! So wrong... 17 Again was on TBS after we got done watching Crazy, Stupid, Love and even though I own the DVD (yay $5 bin at Walmart!) we got sucked in as hubby hadn't seen it and the geeky Neal character had him laughing. Those 2 movies have several things in common - both main characters are going through a divorce, with their wives whom they married very young. And both star alums of The Office (Steve Carrell/Michael Scott in CSL and Melora Hardin/Jan in 17 Again).

Oh and if you missed it on Twitter, I got some nasty heat rash on the front of my shoulders and sides of my neck! It's seriously gross - the right side is the worst, it looks like I had a huge pimple outbreak that only pre-teen girls going through puberty would get. It's like pimple-city. Yuck!

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