Phone Photo Fun Monday 05.28.12

A few days late, but given the holiday weekend, it was expected!

Anywho, this weekend was busy for us!

 Jay watching his new Wiggles DVD - I had to buy him another one as, well, watching the same one over and over and over was driving me nuts, lol...

 Drinking from his sippy cup with no hands - one his "regular" tricks

 So, Monday, we ran some errands, like going to PetCo to get some kitty food. I want him to get used to the idea of walking and holding hands and since that parking lot isn't very busy during the weekdays I decided it would be a great opportunity to let him walk from the car to the store holding my hand. He did great on our way in, but on our way out, we got just feet from the car when he lost his footing and fell on his knees. One just got dirty, but the other got skinned! I cleaned up and sprayed some neosporin on it when we got home later. Poor baby! I took this the day after to make sure his 1st scraped knee was documented!

 Moments before this was taken, he was walking around with burpie over his head like it was a hood, lol... then he started walking around with it like this, like it was a cape!

 A pretty little moth just chillin' on the otherside of our sliding glass patio door.

 Friday night was the start of our busy weekend! We saw hubby's brothers' band (The Broken Fall) play their 1st Friday night gig since they started playing shows again. Two of hubby's brothers are in the middle - the one playing the guitar at the mic and the one on the drums. It was a good show, but very loud (my ears were ringing the rest of the night!)

 A hard rock cover band went on after them and this was their drumkit - holy cymbals Batman!

 Saturday I worked the opening shift as my parents were out of town Friday and most of Saturday as dad took mom into Chicago and that was the only time hubby was around to watch Jay so I could get a shift in. I had some time to kill after before needing to get home so I stopped a few stores out at the mall there and found this butterfly hair clip for $1! I like it, but can't really wear it around home as I can't put my head back when it's in...

 Sunday we went to the local rock music festival that was called Rock Monkey Ruckus this year. I wrote a few years back about the annual tradition of the local Wing Ding festival. This is basically the same thing, only for whatever reason they're not calling it Wing Ding anymore (last year it was just simply "The Concert"). After a friend on Facebook mentioned pre-gaming before the event, hubby and I stopped and got some booze of our own. They didn't have any of the mini-Malibu's so I got this baby, and mixed it in with the large Pepsi I got at lunch beforehand. I drank most of it and was feeling pretty good by the time we got from our car to the gate.

 We parked our car and soon after this kidnapper-looking van pulls up and these teenage looking people climb out. This one dude in particular totally looked like he could be a member of the group LMFAO!

 This was during Taproot. I saw them at the House of Blues Chicago back in July 2003. They played some of their well-known songs, but it was soooooo hot (98 degrees and bright hot sun most of the day!) we only stayed out there for about 10 minutes or so before retreating to the shade under the bleachers at the Speedway there.

 This year's banner
In case you didn't know, Rockford is the birthplace of those crazy sock monkey dolls you had as a kid. Rock Monkey is a badass rocker sock monkey and the local rock station's new mascot.

 Where we spent a good bit of the afternoon - underneath the bleachers. Someone started a game too where you toss rocks across the walk way and try to knock a beer bottle around, lol...

 I ran into a few friends I knew from back in the day and keep in touch with via Facebook.

These guys never disappoint - I used to come home and see them play one of the local clubs quite frequently back when I was in college.

 The sun finally started going down a bit and cast some shade on a part of the Speedway track so we sat out there for a bit and listened to All That Remains. I recognized some of their songs from Guitar Hero and my college days.

 Maybe a little hard to tell, but that kid was awesome all day - he had an awesome mohawk going and just spent the day rockin' out!

 The crew setting up the stage for headliner's Volbeat. Their speakers had some neat designs on them!

 A crappy pic, but that's Volbeat on stage. Personally, I think they're the best "new" rock band of last year (2011). No autotune or electronic/computerized messing with their sound - they're just pure, hard rockin' rock! And I LOVE it!

 Jay spent his Memorial Day afternoon playing in his water table as it was in the upper 80s most of the day.

 Hubby was doing some editing on one of his stories on the deck there while waiting for the grill's charcoals to warm up. Jay pulled up his seat and sat down by daddy too! I was shucking corn at the kitchen table and looked out and saw this and had to get a picture!

 Grilling with daddy!

 Enjoying his cookout of cheeseburger, bun, corn off the cob, and potato salad!

 Our feast!

 That stinker, he scooted his picnic table to the middle of the deck and started dumping his plate on the table, all while making his "I'm not doing anything, mommy..." face at me, lol...

And his hair needed a trim so I attempted it myself... yeah, not such a good job - he's kinda rockin' a mullet as we kept it long in back. Doh!

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