Fall-Spring TV Wrap-Up!

Sadly, there is no more Boob Tube Babble link-up, but I'm still sharing my TV thoughts this week now that all of my Fall-Spring shows are done for the season.

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Once Upon a Time
Holy finale, Batman! Yes, it was predictable for the most part (didn't see the Maleficent part coming until it was right there), but it was epic too! I would like to know what happened to August, as last we saw him, his true form (trying to avoid spoilers here) was killing him - did the curse break before it killed him? The 1st season comes out on DVD days before my birthday - I'll definitely be adding this one to my birthday list!

The Office
This one still works as an ensemble show and I'm sooooo glad that it sounds like James Spader won't be back (or at least not as present) in the next season as I just wasn't a fan of his Robert California character. The Dwight-Angela storyline is back, with Dwight finally getting DNA from her and The Senator's baby to see if he might be the father, as he suspects. I hope those 2 end up together - they're quite good for each other. Also glad that Andy and Erin are back together too - those 2 are a perfect match!

First I was mad that when I turned my TV to Fox at 7pm American Idol was on and not Glee. Then I was a tad confused as I didn't realize there were 2 episodes last week! The last episode I saw ended with them getting on the bus, heading to Nationals in Chicago. Then this week's episode took place after, and was focused on graduation! Oops! Looks like I need to go back and watch the Nationals episode, even though I already know the outcome... Graduation, it was a bit of a sad episode. I liked some of the songs performed, the dedications were sweet. I was confused about why the principal was announcing everyone's names in no particular order - um, every graduation I've attended (for myself and others) it's ALWAYS been alphabetical by last name. Curious to see who of the seniors are officially staying on as a regular next season, who won't be back and who will just make the occasional guest appearance.

In other news...

Is anyone else kinda excited about the new Dallas premiere on TNT in a few weeks???


It's original run was kinda before my time (I was really young when it ended) but I think my mom watched it and over the years everyone's heard about "Who shot JR?" and then the whole dream cop-out... I'm not sure why, but I definitely wanna check out the "new" Dallas - it has Larry Hagman back as JR (and man did he get old! I grew up watching his younger self in I Dream of Jeannie reruns on Nick at Nite!) as well as Patrick Duffy who I grew up watching play the dad on Step by Step. They're reprising their roles as the Ewing brothers in the original Dallas, only this time their sons seem to be the main cause of the majority of the drama. Various other cast members from the original show will be back, reprising their roles in this continuation, which makes me think it shouldn't be half bad if they're all willing to come back. At least it should be interesting and worth a view!

Do you plan on tuning in?

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