My Must-See Summer Movies of 2012

Now that summer movie season is in full-swing, I thought I'd share my "must-see" ones.

Must See In Theaters
  • The Avengers - This one is a no-brainer - Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Co all together in one huge, epic movie? Yeah, definitely needs to be seen on the big screen!
  • Rock of Ages - Since I don't go to a lot of Broadway musicals in Chicago these days (hubby's not into that sort of thing), I think seeing a big screen adaption of this one would be satisfactory (I just wished they had Constantine reprising his Broadway role as the main character). I'll probably end up seeing this one with my mom or sister since I know hubby won't go (he's really not a fan of musicals).
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - I sorta reviewed the book a few years back, which hubby and I both read and it was a pretty good book, really blurring the line between fiction and history, almost making you doubt what you know (despite the fact I have issues reading books that are a bit historical). I hope they don't change too much, but looking from the trailer it seems they did add in a character I don't recall being in the book... I just hope they didn't leave out Honest Abe's interactions with Edgar Allen Poe - the few scenes with Poe were quite memorable (and comical) in the book and some of my favorite parts!
  • Dark Knight Rises - Another no-brainer, the final installment in the Batman reboot trilogy, heck yes!
  • The Expendables 2 - This is a must for me - so many great action stars, including my man candy Jason Statham and Chuck Norris has a role in this one too which is just awesome as he hasn't done much acting in recent years! And of course it comes out 12 days before my birthday so you can bet what we'll be seeing!

Will Probably End Up Renting
  • The Dictator - While we skipped seeing Sacha Baron Cohen parade around as Bruno, Borat was pretty funny and The Dictator looks to be more along the lines of Borat humor. Not sure if it's worth spending money on to see it at the theater or going out of our way to get a sitter but I'm sure I'll be worth renting!
  • What To Expect When You're Expecting - Considering the book/site is promoting this one a lot, and given the ensemble cast, I'm sure it'll be predictable, but it looks cute and funny and being a newer, 1st time parent I know we'll be able to relate to it plenty! Again, I doubt we'll go out of our way to get a sitter to go see this one in the theater, but it's definitely one I wouldn't mind renting!
  • Men in Black 3 - Most likely worth seeing, but again, don't think it'll be worth spending the money in the theater or making the time to get a sitter.
  • Prometheus - Hubby will make sure we'll see this one eventually, as it's the Alien prequel and I know he really wants to see this one.
  • Brave - This year's Disney/Pixar animated flick... to be honest, I haven't seen or heard much about this one yet other than it's the 1st Pixar film featuring a female lead and that she apparently has @thenerdybird's likeness lol... I'm sure it'll be worth a rent, but doesn't seem to be one I'll rush out and see.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man - To be honest, I'm not ready for a Spider-Man reboot. It's been a decade since the Tobey Maguire one came out (I saw it with some classmates on my senior class trip!) and only 5 years since the last installment of that version was in theaters. Just seems too soon. I'm sure it'll be good and we'll rent it eventually, but I'm just in no hurry to go see it.

What are your "must-see" movies this summer?


  1. Rock of Ages, The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Mike (that'll probably be a rental though), and Celeste & Jesse Forever are my must sees!

    1. Don't believe I've heard of Celeste & Jesse Forever - what's that one about?


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