Photo Fun Mondays 05.07.12

Can you believe it's already May?? Where IS this year going?!

We have Jay's 15 month check-up today (yep, my baby toddler turned 15 months old on the 4th!), so be sure to get your guesses in for the next edition of "How Much Does Jay Weigh???" before I post his update either tonight or tomorrow!

But for now... it's time for...

Here's what's on my phone from this week:

Jay sat on the couch for a bit, with Elmo, binky and burpie and watched some Sprout, like a boss:


Hubby picked up on my hinting and stopped and got me this baby on his way home from work Tuesday:

It's the latest Sookie Stackhouse aka True Blood novel that just came out Tuesday.
It's book 12 in the series, the next book is supposed to be the last though =(

Despite the forecast calling for 5 days straight of rain and thunderstorms, it was quite sunny and hot during the daytime towards the end of the week. I put Jay in some of his hot weather clothes, filled up a water bottle for him, put on some baby sunscreen and we played outside in the yard for a good bit!


While killing time before daddy got off work, Jay decided to pull all the pillows off the couches and put them in a pile, lol...

We met up with daddy for some froyo at Red Mango - yum! Jay likes his froyo and he always gets a smile on his face when he sees we're pulling into the Red Mango parking lot (not sure if it's a good or bad thing though that he knows where we're at like that, lol...)

We spent another nice afternoon outside, this time getting out some more toys and his ball, which we literally bounced around on the deck for a good half hour or so straight, me bouncing it and Jay chasing after it and bringing it back (yes, I totally played fetch with my kid, lol...)

And that's it for this week. I tried participating in that Photo a Day challenge for May, but I kinda forgot and failed on the 2nd day of it! Oops! Maybe next month...?

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  1. I love all the pics of Jay!!! What a a cutie in his hat!


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