Lucky Boy Lost- RIP Joe

At work last week, checking Facebook on my break while waiting for my dinner to microwave, I came across some sad news on my newsfeed - Joe Sell, guitarist for Lucky Boys Confusion, had passed away.

http://q101.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/300px.jpgI don't know about your college town, but when I was in college, Lucky Boys were HUGE on the college circuit. All the schools within x-radius of Chicago knew who they were all. Like other college-town bands such as Mike and Joe and Evenflow, Lucky Boys Confusion made the rounds several times a year in DeKalb - I went to several of their super high energy shows (seriously, things got crazy!). They were also pretty big in Chicago too, having played regularly at the Metro for years. 2003 was when they got really big as they released a major-label record titled "Commitment" - you've probably heard their song "Hey Driver" in various movies and commercials. I also recall hearing it played during televised NFL football games in the background. "Killians (Do You Miss Me?)," "I'm Gonna Steal Your Girlfriend," and "Fred Astaire" were other popular songs from their indy debut.

Apparently Joe found dead in Chicago last Tuesday, and so far the cause is not 100% known. They said he had been battling pancreas problems in recent months, having been previously hospitalized for it and had also suffered drug and alcohol addiction in the past too.  No one knows for sure though what the cause of death was.

I didn't know Joe personally, but I did know a handful of people in college who did - a former roommate's then-boyfriend whom I hung around with for a few years had gone to school for years with some of the guys from Naperville (including Joe) and was part of their original street-team. And my ex... Joe grew up around the block from him and was even my ex's babysitter for a few years when they were younger (Joe was 4-6 years older than us) - I remember him taking me past the house just to prove it, as it was his little "claim to fame" that his former babysitter was part of a semi-famous band.

It's still pretty sad though - he wasn't that much older than most of us. I recall hearing Joe was one of the nicer guys in the band. I also think it was Joe who did an awesomely hilarious cover of "Part of Your World" from Disney's Little Mermaid!

Joe Sell, guitarist for Lucky Boys Confusion, died Tuesday night. He was 33.
RIP Joe - you'll be missed and remembered!

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