Phone Photo Fun Monday 05.14.12

Here's this past week in photos!

 Sleepy Kitty!

 Jay had his 15 month check-up on Monday and he had to get 2 shots. We took him to Red Mango for some froyo afterwards to cheer him up.

 He was watching Thomas and Friends from his highchair in the kitchen while eating his lunch.

 I bought some frozen fruit this past week and decided to make my own smoothie. This one was strawberry and blueberry with some orange juice mixed in. Wasn't bad, but had too much OJ in it.

 Jay looking super cute in his "pirate monkey" onesie with matching knit shorts.

 We bought him a water table for use this summer and it was finally warm enough out again to set it up and let him play in it. He had a blast!

 Sifting sand in his sandbox - pretty smart that figured out how to use the sifter!

 I've gotten tired of watching Caillou on Sprout and PBS (they seriously play it waaaaay too much on Sprout) so we've started watching Curious George episodes on Netflix when Caillou hour/half hour is on because Curious George is just awesome. The intro song always seems to crack Jay up too whenever it comes on - kiddo loves it!

 Look what came in the mail this week! The title to my car! So exciting!

 I also hit 63000 miles on my car while in the Taco Bell drive-thru - just under 20000 from when I 1st purchased it 4 years ago!

Ashley Paige from I Love You More than Carrots posted on Instagram these super cute handprint flower paintings she helped her toddler son make for Mother's Day. I decided to try and make similar ones with Jay. As you can see, he wasn't too interested in just putting his handprints on them - he wanted to fully fingerpaint! They turned out cute though - his grandmas loved them! We also got my mom a basic Kindle and case for it (my sis chipped in) and for my mother-in-law we got her a nice wireless keyboard and mouse that she wanted. We also went to Famous Dave's for lunch with my in-laws (we skipped church as Jay literally got 6 hours of sleep, only 4 hours consecutively, and had us all up at 530am - molars suck!) and then after family naptime we went over to my parents' house for BBQ and cake!

 My Mother's Day OOTD - Top: Old Navy, Denim Skirt: who knows (I'd guess Kohl's), Wedge Sandals: Montego Bay (from Payless - just bought em yesterday and LOVE them!), Necklace: Lia Sophia

 My Mother's Day Loot this year: a nice new watch from daddy and chocolate covered strawberries from Jay made by the local The Little Chocolatier shop.

What little boys put in toy shopping carts: the Kindle box, a tennis ball and a dog toy, lol...

How was your week? 
Did you do anything fun/interesting/exciting for Mother's Day?

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