Everyone is Expendable!

My old theater buddy just posted this on his Badass Movies blog and OMG!


Seriously, I do! This trailer made me feel like a giddy kid in a candy store!

Arnold has some of the funniest lines ("I'm back!" and "My shoe is bigger than this caaah!") too!

It comes out a week and a half before my birthday - bet you can guess what we're seeing for my birthday movie! =D =D =D

I did have an awesome idea though on how this movie/franchise could be even more awesomer - do away with the character names and backstories and just let the action stars be their larger than life action star selves. They could be in like a league of awesome action stars, joking around with each other about their taglines, careers, whatever when some baddies show up and just keep coming. They have to fight back to find out why... and we learn that Edward Norton is the villain, sending the baddies, because he's pissed that Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk never gave him the action star cred he thought he deserved! Now that would be pretty awesome! I'm glad Chuck Norris joined the franchise, because well, he's friggin' Chuck Norris, but I know him not playing the larger than life version of Chuck Norris that we all joke about and having a character name and backstory is going to be a letdown (despite how awesome this franchise just is), kinda like Bruce Willis and Arnold playing characters and not their badass selves.

Anyways... only real complaint I have is with Liam Hemsworth being in it. I don't think playing hunter Gale in Hunger Games really qualifies him for action star status here... if it was his brother Chris who plays Thor... okay, maybe, but even that would be stretching it, considering the action movie resumes the rest of the cast here has.

Any of you out there just as excited for this movie as I am???

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