15 Month Check-up!

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/578349_10100626300161559_30800316_48362227_1745116911_n.jpgYesterday (Monday) we had Jay's 15 month check-up and overall it went pretty well.

Hubby tagged along this time, as he hasn't met with Jay's pediatrician since he was born (not to mention I get tired of him asking at each appointment where "dad" is - it's a weekday afternoon, he's working, duh!) and it seemed to help with Jay A LOT compared to the last time when it was just me and him.

He started rummaging through all the toys in the waiting room, settling on a Sesame Street coloring book and running around the waiting room with it. They let him take it back to the exam room with us too since he didn't want to let it go.

We had a 4pm appointment and it didn't seem nearly as busy so we didn't have to wait nearly as long as we did last time when it was the middle of the day. Jay started getting into everything once again, but this time I had hubby to help me keep him out of stuff so I wasn't on the verge of pulling my hair out.

When Jay saw the doctor walk in, hubby busted up laughing as Jay got this "oh shit!" look on his face -  he realized where he was! LOL

He hung out in my lap while the doctor did the basic exam stuff, but Jay started getting worked up when we laid him down on the table for the last bit.

Jay currently weighs 23lbs, 8oz with his shoes off (24lbs, 1oz with shoes) and is 30 3/4 inches tall. Doctor said he is in the 50th percentile for weight and and 50-70th percentile for height. His height to weight ratio percentile is 50th as well.

So overall, it was a fine exam - no concerns or anything to worry about. The doctor was thrilled to hear about how well his last urology exam went and he seemed intrigued at the fact that Jay matches things now. He didn't seem too concerned about him only babbling a handful of words at this point, just saying to not encourage the baby-talk but to say "bottle" or "water" if he says "ba ba" or "wa wa" to kind reinforce that those are the words he's trying to say. And he was pleased to hear that he's fully weaned off the bottle and onto sippy cups now.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/305662_10100641891531329_30800316_48407585_1924776712_n.jpgJay got 2 shots today - they said at his next appointment he'll have 1 left and be done for awhile. While we were waiting in the exam room, Jay figured out the one stool spun around so he had fun with that, and then it sounded like he was trying to say "my ball" or "my book" - he kept getting stuck on the "buh" part and couldn't get the rest out.

We took him to Red Mango afterwards to cheer him up for getting shots today. He did have a slight fever this evening but it broke before bedtime - pretty sure it was just a side effect of the shots. I did put him to bed a little early tonight though as he was just tired and worn out.

Between his check-up and Red Mango we stopped at my mom's house and Jay communicated to her that he wanted to do "Itsy Bitsy Spider"! She was holding him and he started doing the spider thing with his fingers, then putting his arms over his head in a circle, then the spider finger thing again, and then the circle with this arms over his head, all while babbling. It clicked with mom and she was like "Do you want to do Itsy Bitsy?" and Jay was all "uh-huh!" So they sat down and she did and he attempted the 1st part with her, and when she asked if he wanted her to do it again he said "uh huh!" It was pretty neat!

He started refusing milk near the end of last week - he'll drink some at bedtime, but during the day he'll push it away when you try to get him to drink it, so we've been giving him water instead. He loves the berry pomegranate flavor water spray - he drank 3/4 of my mother-in-law's big Aquafina bottle on Sunday and then Monday night, as she went to put her shoes on before they left Jay came toddling over and picked up the bottle and started walking off with it! As far as the milk goes... he gets yogurt at breakfast and I make his oatmeal with milk but I've been a bit more conscious lately to make sure to give him cheese and other dairy products so he's getting some dairy in his diet even if it's not straight up milk. My mom said my sister and I both went through a phase where we refused to drink milk as well and she too had to resort to yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc to make sure we got enough dairy.Oh well, we'll manage!

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