Phone Photo Fun Monday 06.11.12

 Jay now likes to open all the drawers in the kitchen...

 ...and then close them all, one by one.

 Tiger thought she saw a bug or something on the wall and I caught her stretched out,
standing like this trying to reach it and check it out, lol...

 Being a big boy, drinking from a straw sippy! Yay!

 My Thomas the Assault Tank Engine shirt arrived! It was originally the shirt of the day awhile back on either Teefury or Ript and I missed it, so I bought directly from the artist on Red Bubble. A bit more pricey than the original $10 deal, but oh well - I had to have it!

 I bought shorter shorts this summer from Old Navy - they were cute and I wanted to try them and turns out, they weren't all that short and fit me pretty well! Guys, I haven't worn shorts that didn't come to my knees in years!

 We were at Gordman's the other day and Jay was trying to dive out of the cart to reach a plush Ernie doll he saw on the bottom shelf. I let him hold it while we shopped but really didn't want to spent $16 on a plush doll that did nothing (for $4 more we could get a talking one at Walmart or somewhere). Eventually I snuck it away from him but remembered I had plush Bert and Ernie's when I was a kid so while Jay was taking his nap I went looking in a few storage boxes for my old stuffed animals from my parent's house and found them! Jay was so excited to see Ernie (and Bert) when he woke up from his nap - he's been carrying Ernie around with him everywhere, including to bed! I don't know when or why or how he got on this Ernie kick, but he's been nuts about the dude all week!

 Jay carrying around his favorite things:
Binky, burpie and Ernie

 Sunday night, just chillin' in the family room with his burpie, binky, his light-up duckie from Bath and Body Works and his feet up on a pillow, lol...


  1. So cute about your kid opening all the drawers in the kitchen. My husband does that too... only he doesn't close them. Seriously, I can always tell when he's come in to get a snack because every cupboard and drawer is open. I noticed on your sidebar you recently saw crazy,stupid, love. Did you like it? I LOVED it. I was shocked by how much I liked it- I thought it was going to be lame. Just found your blog and have really loved looking around! I'm exciting to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Hi there Bonnie!

      Thanks for you comment and for visiting!

      That's funny your husband does that! Mine always makes such a mess, I swear sometimes that I'm cleaning up after 2 kids! LOL

      I did enjoy Crazy, Stupid, Love! We saw a preview for it when we rented Horrible Bosses (another one that had us cracking up A LOT!) and despite it being a chick-flick, hubby seemed to find amusement in it so I was able to talk him into renting it later. And I could tell he enjoyed it too!

  2. Jay is too cute! Great pictures this week.

  3. Your little boy is sooo cute.

  4. He is adorable! I know where Rockford is ;)

    My hubby and his twin brother had the same dolls. My husband was Ernie!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks and I hope you have (had?) a great week too!

      That's neat about the dolls! I'm glad I remembered I had saved them - I *really* didn't want to spent $16 on a plush doll, even though he was sooo adorable with it while we were shopping!


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