Photo Fun Mondays 06.18.12

It's Monday, so that means it's time to link-up once again!
 Hubby took this one of Jay sticking a business card between his toes. That stinker remembered as a day or 2 before this he was going through my wallet so I let him play with our realtor's old business card and I started sticking it between his toes - he thought it was hilarious that his toes could hold something... so here he is doing it himself!

 Jay decided to help "pick-up" in the family.
Here he is, putting one of the couch pillows into his pack and play.
Everything he threw into his pack and play... including 3 of the 4 couch pillows

The rest of his toys/belongings from the family room he threw down the stairs.

We went to Target with my mom Saturday evening while she shopped for my dad for Father's Day. Here's some of the deals we found for $1 - a Garfield At the Zoo book, Crayola sidewalk chalk, a Sesame Street notepad, some Sesame Street color and shape flash cards, some Roseart watercolor paints. I also got his 1st Christmas present for this year too - a talking, plush Super Grover Target Exclusive that was 50% off on clearance (so $9.98).

Hubby's Father's Day loot - from Jay he got the movie Role Models (last year he "gave" him Big Daddy) and the 1st Calvin and Hobbes collection; I gave him V for Vendetta on DVD as well as Civil War Trivia book and Great Maps of the Civil War (hubby's big into Civil War stuff).

Jay being silly at my parent's house.

Scooting around the table.

Drinking Grammie's iced tea.

Sitting pretty with daddy on the couch.


  1. He's the best cleaner upper ever. Send him to my house next ;)

    1. Haha will do!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. i saw that picture of the stairs on twitter!! SO funny!!!


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