Phone Photo Fun Monday 06.04.12

My baby boy is 16 months old today (that's 2 months shy of being a year and a half old, people!) - when did this happen?! Seems like we were just celebrating his 1st birthday not that long ago!

Anywho, a few hours late, but....
...here's my phone photos from this past week!

 I thought he was sleeping pretty funny-like, although he flinched when my camera
flash went off (hence the crazy hand!)

 If you saw my photos from last week's post, then you know we spent most of Monday outside, having fun and enjoying the Memorial Day holiday. Tuesday I went to get ready for work and noticed a major heat rash outbreak all over my shoulders/neck there on both sides (although the right side here was the worst!). What you can't see is the tiny millions of pimples all over there. Yeah, it sucked and took most of the rest of the week with me rubbing aloe vera gel on it at least twice a week to clear up. It still feels a little bumpy, but not nearly as bad as it was!

 Friday afternoon, Jay slept til almost noon (have a late bedtime, get to sleep in - score!) and when he does that he usually isn't ready to go down for his nap til at least 3pm (normally he wakes up between 930 and 1030 and is down for his nap between noon and 1pm). So I decided that after he ate we'd go grocery shopping. I got a little ways down the road and noticed he was being really quite back there so I looked back while at a stoplight (thought maybe he fell back asleep!) and saw him "reading" his Berenstein Bears book! I went to grab my phone and by the time I took a picture he was staring out the window, like he was pondering, lol...

 I saw these at Sam's Club and decided to give it a try! Just add ice cubes and blend together! They were only about $4.50 each and claim you can get 11 servings out of each bottle. My Android-Wife-Buddy Holli (there's a handful of us who have geeky Android fan-boy hubbies, so of course all us wives had to get to know each other too, lol...) asked if they were healthy in addition to being yummy... says it's made with natural ingredients, but then it says only 17% is actual juice, so who knows... but they taste good! LOL

 We had a Lazy Sunday and at one point Jay wanted to watch one of his Elmo DVDs so we put it in and I pulled a pillow off the couch and laid down on the floor near him. He decided to come sit by me =)

We're starting 'em young on the technology!
I wanted to check out www.sproutonline.com and see what videos/games they have on their mobile site. Unfortunately on the tablet it kept wanting me to download their app and wouldn't let me access the actual site so I went into the app market on my (formerly hubby's) Samsung Galaxy Tablet and was waiting for it to download and install. Well... Jay saw the thumbnail images of his Sprout "friends" and got really excited, grabbed the tablet from me and took off running down the hall with it before plopping down on the floor and figuring out how to make a thumbnail image bigger O.o 

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