Summer Bucket-List

I've seen a handful of people talk about what's on their "Summer Bucket-List" this summer and ask what's on yours.

Here's mine so far:

  • Take Jay to Shedd Aquarium
  • Take Jay to a zoo
  • Take Jay to Magic Waters water park at least once
  • Take Jay to see Thomas and Sir Tophamhat in Union, IL when he makes his annual tour stop
  • Go to the fair
  • Get my garden planted
  • Finish 3 books by September
  • Get work done on the backyard
  • Take a family trip somewhere (even if just for an overnight)
  • Get Jay's 1 year photos taken (yes, 16 months old... oops!)
  • Get the office squared away as it's the last room in the house not up to how I want it to be
  • Catch up on New Girl
  • Watch an entire show series on Netflix
  • Watch the new Dallas premiere
Do you have a summer bucket list???


  1. Love your Bucket List! Your clothespins and bucket is the cutest! I have many little bucket list, think I shall create a summer one too! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by! The clothespin and bucket is actually an image I found on Pinterest, but it's definitely a cute idea!


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