Book Club Friday: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium, #3)This week I finished the last book in the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

I read the 1st 2 books last year and waited til this one came out in paperback to finish/complete my set.

I must say, out of all 3 books, this was my favorite!

The 1st 2 started out slow - it was painful to read them as nothing really important happened in the 1st 200 pages or so of each book. But then something major happened in each book that was like "whoa!" and they became page turners.

This installment on the other hand... it picks up exactly where the second book left off, basically being a continuation of the story that already started so there was no slow beginning, although some parts did seem to drag at times (ie: parts about history of an organization or a character's background, which sure, it was necessary, but sooooo lengthy at times!).

Sure, Lisbeth is in the hospital for the first 600 pages, but there's plenty that's going down outside her hospital room! And the trial... had me flipping pages, it was quite exciting, especially to see how Lisbeth and her lawyer (Blomkvist's sister) dealt with the evil Dr. Teleborian!

If you've already read the 1st 2 part of this trilogy (or at least book 2), definitely don't skip out on this final installment!

And be sure to check out the Swedish movies of the trilogy too - they condense the Blomkvist/Berger storylines and cut a bit of Lisbeth's adventures away from Sweden (which ya can't really blame them considering they're big books and the movies are 2-2.5 hours long). I haven't seen the English remake, but I enjoyed the Swedish ones (I do think Daniel Craig is a more attractive Blomkvist though). They're subtitled in English and have been on Netflix's Instant Watch for quite some time now too.

Oh and in case you missed it - hubby is now a published author!

His novel will be for sale on Amazon in July, however, to give you a taste of his Griffins and Gunpowder universe he has released 3 short stories! So if you have a Kindle, or the free Kindle smartphone app or the client for your computer be sure to check them out and leave a review - we'd really appreciate it!


  1. I love the Stieg Larsson series!
    And congratulations to your hubby!

  2. I loved the last book too! LOVED the court scene. Could not put the book down!


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