No, my child's not tired, he just has shiners

I hate when people make assumptions about your child.

Ever since Jay was born and we'd go places in public if he fussed while in the check-out line there always seemed to be someone that would declare "Oh, he must be hungry!" Um, no... he ate before we came here - he probably just wants up, or something to play with, etc.

It got old.

Now that he's a bit older when we go out in places someone almost always comments "Someone looks sleepy - it must be naptime, isn't it?" No, actually he just woke up shortly before we left home.

The reason why people make this assumption?

You can kinda see them here - they look like darker
bags/circles under his eyes
He has what his pediatrician informed us at his last check-up is called "Allergic Shiners," which look like dark circles under the eyes.

This is pretty common in younger kids, especially around allergy season. And we're almost positive that Jay unfortunately inherited my family's horrible seasonal allergies as I notice he tends to show allergy symptoms during the same time we're all struggling with ours - some days being more miserable than others. While we could get testing done to be 100% sure, I just didn't see the point, as there's not much we can do for it right now anyway. There's really only Benadryl unless we want to get a prescription and I'd rather not be giving him Benadryl unless it's really bad.

So yeah. No, my child is not tired when we're out shopping - I try to make sure he's well rested and has a full tummy before we go out anywhere to avoid a tantrum from happening - he just has allergies, thank you very much.

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