Jay's Day Out

Today (Sunday) it was 90º out. Hubby wasn't up for playing outside in the heat and I wanted to make the most of a family day together so we decided to opt for some indoor fun.

We loaded ourselves up into hubby's air conditioned car and Jay started looking through a book as we drove over to the big indoor playcentre.

Only we learned that they're closed on Sundays during the summer - wtf?

So... we ended up at the mall.

We let Jay walk with us for a bit too, until he started getting distracted by fun things in various store windows and would drop our hands, running off towards the windows. He also got extremely distracted by the barking, flipping puppy toy that a toy kiosk had going.

Our main reason for stopping out at the mall was to let Jay play for a little bit in the "germ pit":

And of course he spied the 1 family sitting along the sides that can't read the "no food" rule and were breaking out the snacks of chips and Cheetos for their kids. He toddled right over to the mom with the food, his mouth open wide, waiting for her to give him a Cheeto /facepalm

Hubby said he saw them with the food, then he saw Jay noticing it too and thought "No... he wouldn't" only for it to turn into a "omg he is!"

We let him have the 1 Cheeto that the mom gave him and hubby tried to explain to Jay that you don't just walk up to strangers with your mouth wide open and insist they stuff their food into it. It was still pretty funny though - of course my kid has food radar!

We took the Cheeto incident as our cue that he was hungry so we went to the food court for a late lunch and got him a Burger King kids meal with chicken nuggets, a juice box and apple slices. He wasn't too fond of the apple slices though so I got him a fruit yogurt parfait from Subway since I was getting my food there. He most of the nuggets, 2/3rd of the parfait and drank all the juice box. He also got this nasty snake toy from Rango in his kid's meal that I don't think we'll be keeping in the house - yuck! His meal came in a box that had a tear of BK crown that we tried to get him to wear - he pulled it off his head (like he does with any hat these days *sad face*) and was a bit confused as to what it was!

After lunch we let him ride in one of the motorized ride cars for 75¢ before walking over to Barnes and Noble and taking him to play with the Thomas train set they have in the kid's section. There was another little boy playing there too who shared a few train cars with Jay. Jay was more interested in pulling all the books off the shelves though.

See, he's a tad OCD about books being on shelves - for whatever reason he *has* to pull them all off the shelves at home and put them on the floor ("Mommy, books don't go on shelves - they belong on the floor!"); I pick the books and DVD cases up most nights and put them away on the shelves, one of the first things Jay does when he's up in the morning is walk right over and pull them all down. Half the time he doesn't even look at them - he'll just pull them all down and leave them. One time we had cleaned up the family room as I was expecting company. I told hubby, who was watching Jay, to make sure he didn't destroy the family room (which is also our front room). It was literally killing Jay that we wouldn't let him pull all the books and DVD cases down - he threw such a fit over it, it was actually pretty hilarious! He had a complete meltdown over it!

So you can imagine, him in a bookstore... yeah... sooooo many books to put on the floor! LOL... Fortunately Hurricane Jay wasn't moving quite so quickly so we were able to pick them up as we went.

By the time we left there, it was time to go home and put Jay down for a late afternoon nap.

And that was Jay's Day Out.

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