Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

Hello little person. How are you today? 
Is your mood quite terrific or only just okay? 

Are you happy like a hippo or angry like a duck? 
Maybe sad as a chicken? 
Can you sadly say 'cluck cluck'? 

Are you grumpy as a moose? Or excited as a dog? 
Worried as a rabbit? Contented as a frog? 

Perhaps like a pig, you are sweetly amused. 
Or perhaps like a cow you're completely confused. 

You might feel that somehow you've lost all your fizz 
or you're frazzled like a, um, frazzled thing 
(I'm not sure what that is). 

Well I hope you are happy but if you are not 
you have friends who will help you, we like you a lot. 

And a difficult mood is not here to stay - 
everyone's moods will change day to day. 
Unless you're that duck - he's always this way.

Who knew children's board books could be so insightful?

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