Jay Knows His Routine

Last weekend, I mentioned that hubby and I went to go see 2 of his brothers play in their band. Their parents try to make it when they can, but because it was at a local bar their 13 year old sister obviously couldn't go. Since it was a Friday night show and we could go (most of their shows have been on either Thursday or Saturday nights, which don't work with hubby's work schedule) we decided to see if she wanted to watch Jay for us.

We'd be leaving around 845pm and Jay usually goes to bed between 10 and 11pm so she'd only have to keep him occupied for a short time before putting him down to bed. We got him changed and in his jammies so she'd have minimal work to do. I left her a note of his bedtime routine so she'd have some idea of what he's used to. We said he could watch Sprout before bed, and told her to feed him some yogurt and water if he refused to drink his milk sippy before bed. I had set up his Lego CD player to play on repeat so all she'd have to do was hit "play".

I guess things went really well, until she put him down in his crib.

http://origin.kaboodle.com/hi/img/b/0/0/15f/6/AAAAC2eS1zcAAAAAAV9vDw.jpg?v=1307889495000He started throwing everything out of it (ie: binky, burpie, stuffed animals and books) and wouldn't quiet down. Little sis was baffled, told him it was bedtime and put everything back in his crib. Only for him to toss it back out again.

I guess this went on for a few times before it dawned on her - she forgot to hit "play" on the CD player.

So I guess she did that, put everything back in his crib and he instantly put his head down and settled himself in!

He knew his bedtime music was missing and wasn't going to bed without it! LOL...

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