Prayers Please

Just a quick post here, if you could all please keep hubby's father in your thoughts and prayers it would be much appreciated!

Yesterday evening (Father's Day) we got word that his father was back in the hospital (in case you forgot, he was in the hospital for 21 days back in January 2011, being admitted on New Year's Day for kidney problems and has been on dialysis several times a week since) and they were looking into Pulmonary Embolism but running other tests as well to narrow down what was the problem. We were supposed to meet with hubby's family for Father's Day breakfast at the local Swedish pancake house, but his mom informed us Saturday that it would have to be rescheduled as his dad has pneumonia, which we're assuming is why he's in the hospital now.

We haven't gotten anymore details since last night - I'm working tonight, so I'm not sure if hubby will go over and visit today or not (he was thinking about going over last night but his mom said they were going to be doing various testing for awhile and then running dialysis so it wouldn't be worth it), we'd rather not have Jay in a hospital setting unless we need to because 1) sick people with who knows what and 2) too many expensive and dangerous tools/machines for him to get into. Hubby's baby sister is unaware too, as she's in Kentucky this week with our church's youth group on an their summer missions trip.

Hopefully they're able to properly diagnose him and get him whatever he needs to get back on his feet!

Thanks in advance though!

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